Gozman on Russian propaganda: It is a large-scale preparation for war, which seems to have something desirable, joyful

Propaganda on Russian Federal channels has led to the fact that the population believes the war is best out of the situation, a Russian politician, President of the all-Russian movement «the Union of right forces» Leonid Gozman.

About it the politician wrote in Facebook.

«Just a couple of days of Federal channels announced to the citizens that Poland and the poles started the Second world war, quarreled of the Soviet Union with the Third Reich, participated and inspired all that was done in the world to the detriment of Russia, is not able because of the peculiarities of national psychology to engage constructively with other Nations, joined the EU in order to seize Russia to the Urals, don’t call us otherwise, as barbarians from the East. And, of course, Katyn is not we,» he said.

Gozman added that Latvia Russian propagandists say that she has nothing but sprats responsible for the terror of the Bolsheviks against the Russian people, the Latvians and Lithuanians and poles are the «real masterminds and perpetrators of the Holocaust», and the people of Latvia hates the government and wants to return to the USSR.

«Ukraine is completely under the power of the Nazis, controlled by the President is a drunkard and corrupt, Ukrainians are not a nation, but the Ukrainian language does not exist, he does not need. On each of these countries and each of the Nations mentioned a lot of interesting, as about any other of our former brothers. This madness continues for a long time and it has become commonplace,» – said the politician.

He added that the consumer all these products are inevitably shaped by the understanding that war is the best way out of this situation, when the «ungrateful neighbors» seek to capture Russia and pursue living on their territories Russian.

«To him, to the consumer, it became clear that this propaganda is conducted. This scale, coming on top of preparations for war, which is seen not as a tragedy, and something desirable, joyful, enabling us, in spite of technological backwardness, monstrous injustice and iniquity, to renew the spirit, and finally become the great and respected by all,» said Gozman.


Gozman on Russian propaganda: It is a large-scale preparation for war, which seems to have something desirable, joyful 31.08.2017

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