Gordon Raru: You showed everyone how thinks impotent Europe that blew Hitler. Video

«That is well, not raped?» – said Gordon.

«The house exists several centuries already. The apartments expand, constrict, but the house remained. Europe here as we know it, with its peoples and States, how much? 1000 years? So you have to negotiate. If it becomes absolutely bad, then, God forbid, wars and then make peace,» – said Rahr. From the current situation, in his opinion, only one way out – to prevent a major European war on the territory of Ukraine. «We must do everything possible to Eastern Ukraine to negotiate with Kiev, so, of course, was the Russian offices from there… But that was what was offered to Ukraine, but so far not implemented, – giving autonomy to the Donbas,» – said Rahr.

«Based on your logic, we should forget about Crimea, forget about the Donbass and say thanks to Russia that took Odessa, Kharkiv and Kherson,» responded Gordon.

According to Rahr, the situation with the Crimea «we need to put parentheses around» because «except in a great war, it does not change». «And in the East of Ukraine should begin a serious conversation with those who live there. I’m not talking about separatists, the leaders of the different. I’m talking about the people who live there do not want to die in their bombs and will be forced to negotiate with Kiev,» said the German expert.

«In fact, I am very grateful for this important conversation. You showed everyone how thinks impotent Europe that blew Hitler,» replied Gordon.

Rahr asked the journalist, «a little language change». «Comes over to Europe, though they depend on it. This is not the vocabulary that we need in this program to use,» said Rahr.

Gordon replied that he uses such language, because Ukraine has lost part of the territory, and in the Donbass killed 10 thousand people.

«We came up with the neighbour of our former big brother took it all away and killed our people. So I say with emotion. What’s the alternative? It is. If Europe together with the US said to Russia: «Guys, you’re not a bull in a China shop, you live in a big world. If you want to take the territory – then we have an economically hanged himself…» And to strangle them economically, so they got the hell on its territory,» said Gordon.

Russia annexed Crimea in spring 2014 on the results of the «referendum», the results of which are not recognised by Ukraine and most countries of the world. After the annexation of Crimea began the armed conflict in the Donbas between the Ukrainian government forces on one side and militants supported by Moscow, and Russian troops. His Russian involvement in the conflict deny.

From April 2014 to may 2017, according to the UN, in the Donbass killed at least 10 090 people, 23 966 people were injured.

In connection with the annexation of Crimea and aggression in the Donbas, the EU, USA, Canada and other States in 2014 imposed against Russia economic sanctions. In August 2017, the US President, Donald trump has signed a law on new restrictive measures against Russia.

According to forecasts from the us private intelligence analysis company Stratfor, in 2018, Washington will increase pressure on Moscow by imposing extended sanctions aimed at financial stability of Russia and its oligarchs, reputation and the defense industry.

Gordon Raru: You showed everyone how thinks impotent Europe that blew Hitler. Video 10.01.2018

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