Gordon: Putin is clever, prepared enemy, which enjoys huge support of the population

Russian President Vladimir Putin is «intelligent, educated, prepared enemy,» therefore to predict its future behavior in regard to Ukraine hard. Such opinion on air of TV channel NewsOne was expressed by the journalist, the founder of the Internet edition «GORDON» Dmitry Gordon.

«What to expect from Russia’s next? Who knows what this man – Putin – in the head? But we must understand that Putin is a remarkable statesman. Long ago in the world of a statesman (by level of education, training, the ability to negotiate) was not. The leaders of the very words recently. It’s a smart, educated, prepared enemy, and we must understand that he is in great support of the Russian population,» said Gordon.

He noted that Putin’s rating high because he feels the mood of its citizens.

«Unlike our leaders, he hears his country, and the country, citizens of Russia, are very supportive of the aggressive aggressive policy: «Give!» «Forward, Russia», «Crimea is ours» and so on. If they will, they would have the entire world captured. The idea of world revolution, captured the minds of Lenin, Trotsky, the Communist international, the socialist international still alive in the minds of many,» – said the journalist.

He suggested that in 2014, Putin had planned to capture more Eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, but now is the time of great war was.

«I think that the war in the form in which it was already impossible. The deflection of the territory is also impossible, because then was the road spoon for dinner… If the card fell better for Putin, I think we would have lost and Dnipropetrovsk region, and Kherson, and Mykolaiv, and Zaporizhia, and Odessa, and Kharkiv», – said Gordon.

In his opinion, this task failed «because of the chaos within the Russian subversive groups» that carried out tasks in Ukraine.

«Grow together in particular because of the chaos within the Russian subversive groups, neglected here. By the way, the leaders of these subversive groups, which our service is caught and taken to Kiev (one of them [the first commander of the «Army of the South-East» Alexei] Relke) from the occupied territories, in September 2014 miraculously gave Russia allegedly exchanged (in an interview with «GORDON» told the former head of Department of SBU in the Luhansk region Alexander Petrulevich. – «GORDON»)… Is an unprecedented disgrace!» – the journalist noted.


Gordon: Putin is clever, prepared enemy, which enjoys huge support of the population 11.01.2018

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