Gordon – Poroshenko: Tyagnibok urged to block my creative evening in Lviv. Can the state protect its citizens from illegal armed groups?

Everyone in Ukraine has the right to Express their protest, but for the use of unregistered weapons should be irreversible responsibility. This at a press conference on 28 February said President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the correspondent of the edition «GORDON».

Thus he responded to a reporter’s question, the founder of the Internet edition «GORDON» Dmytro Gordon on illegal armed groups operating on the territory of Ukraine, and the threats of the nationalist organization «Sokol» to disrupt his creative evening in Lviv.

«Mr President, I want to ask a question that worries many Ukrainians and me personally. Lately in Ukraine there are many semi-underground groups, including armed: aunts, the so-called activists, semi-private armies that belong to different people. And it’s very intimidating Ukrainians, creates an unattractive picture for the West and the world, and in Moscow rejoice and say we have a mess. An outstanding Ukrainian poet, one of the fathers of perestroika and glasnost in the Soviet Union, my friend Vitaly Korotich, with which we constantly communicate, which hurts Ukraine, asks: «Well what is it?» I say, «This hybrid war, it is Russian agents». He says: «Well, the Russian agents, but the government must to do something to avoid it?» And finally, the question. Recently on one of the channels I said that on the basis of an interview with some respected people from the top management of Ukraine believe that the leader of the Association «Freedom» Oleh Tyahnybok – one of the perpetrators that we so shamefully and stupidly handed over the Crimea in Russia. 6 Mar I have a recital in Lviv Philharmonic. And Mr. Tyagnibok in response to my accusations urged the fighters of his organization Sokol (who were involved in the riots, the attacks at the Parliament in 2015, in which four were killed and 150 wounded national guardsmen) to block my recital. I want to ask: can the state protect its citizens from these semi-clandestine, illegal armed groups, which, moreover, have the weapon? And can the state ensure the safety of my person, and those of hundreds of Lvov, which comes on March 6 at my recital? Thanks for the answer.»

question Dmitry Gordon Petro Poroshenko

Poroshenko said that the monopoly on power and weapons should belong to the state and law enforcement agencies are able to provide. Here is the President’s response in full:

«Dimitri, I’m glad to see you. Let’s divide your question into two. First in illegal formations, including, you claim (and rightfully so), having an unregistered firearm and violating the law for the destabilization of public life and public order. I want to tell you that your date, I started in the interior Ministry hospital. When I come to see [law enforcement], there were 14 wounded children of national guardsmen and policemen who have suffered as a result of yesterday’s events on Constitution square. I also reminded them about the four dead [at the Parliament building in August 2015 military personnel of national guard]. I have no information about 150 wounded, according to my information, they were smaller, but four dead – evidence of the extent of risky work of law enforcement agencies who need the support of society (according to investigators, August 31, 2015, during a rally at the Verkhovna Rada at national guard threw a grenade ATO Igor Gumenyuk. According to Tiahnybok, Gumenyuk – member of the «Falcon». This organization is often called by the youth wing of «Freedom». – «GORDON»). And it was a gesture of my support.

I want to ask each of you. Tell me, please: when you looked at the so-called national guards on Khreshchatyk, do each of you felt safer when I looked at these guys? The monopoly on power, a monopoly on arms belong to the state.

Yesterday in Parliament the government, the police, the National guard acted appropriately. And provocateurs – not, so they should be accountable in a transparent court. But I am appealing to journalists: we need to objectively cover the events.

If Mr. Tyahnybok has a desire to make a protest – is it right we are a free, democratic state. If someone will use unregistered weapons (remember, a few days ago was apprehended by the people who used the gun with the cut room against the police?) – it should be irreversible responsibility. I, as President, as the guarantor of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens, of course, require that law enforcement agencies and I am confident that we are able to provide.

The only Dmitry, I don’t want to accept that it is now. Is it immediately after the Russian aggression we haven’t seen all the media is filled with [reports of] private armies private oligarchs, the weapons they wore on Khreshchatyk street or Bogdan, explaining that this is a hunting gun and they just went hunting in the center of Kiev?

I’m sure the laws we must change in order to provide effective police action in strict observance of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens, democratic freedoms that are inherent in Ukraine.»


Gordon – Poroshenko: Tyagnibok urged to block my creative evening in Lviv. Can the state protect its citizens from illegal armed groups? 01.03.2018

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