Gordon: I don’t believe in the Russian opposition. Believe in coincidence and American ticks

In Russia there is no serious opposition politicians, which «are not pereklinivaet» on the Ukrainian question, said on air of the TV channel NewsOne Ukrainian journalist, founder of the Internet edition «GORDON» Dmitry Gordon.

«Now there’s a leading figure in the Bulk. But as soon as the Russian opposition comes to the Ukrainian issue, so it has a very short fuse. No serious Russian opposition, including Navalny, said that Crimea is Ukrainian,» said Gordon.

He recalled that the defendant in the «Bolotnaya case» and the former leader of the Russian «Left front» Sergei Udaltsov, who in early August, was released from prison, called «heroes» of the Donbas separatists and supported the annexation of Crimea.

«That is, politicians want to have the electorate, and Russia wants an Empire, Russia wants Crimea, Donbass and does not want Ukraine. Because Ukraine is in understanding Putin and the Russians – it nedogosudarstvo. Therefore, the Russian opposition I do not believe in the independence of the Russian I do not believe. I believe in coincidence and American ticks,» – said Gordon.

He compared the situation with the opposition in Russia and the Soviet Union.

«I don’t believe in the Russian opposition, as I do not believe that during the USSR Ukraine was the Fronde, which had not cooperated with the KGB. Who would not want to cooperate rotted in the camps. Look at the fate of Stus, Simonenko, Svetlichny and others (Ukrainian poets Vasyl Stus and Ivan svitlychnyi for «anti-Soviet propaganda» was subjected to repression, was serving a sentence in the camps. Stus died in the camp in 1985, Svitlychny was released from him seriously ill. The poet Vasyl Symonenko with the other sixties, in 1962, discovered on Lukyanovka and Vasylkivska cemeteries in Kiev and the cemetery in Bykivnia graves of people shot by the NKVD. Because of this, investigation of the poet several times, was severely beaten, he died in 1963 at the age of 28 years. – «GORDON»). Who was going to cooperate – successfully survived to independence and said: «TSE W mi kotowali Nezalezhnist.» Now everything just happens,» the journalist said.


Gordon: I don’t believe in the Russian opposition. Believe in coincidence and American ticks 29.08.2017

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