Gordon fahrion You are either a Russian agent, or a mentally ill person. Video

Fahrion said that everyone who lives in Ukraine should comply with the 10th article of the Constitution of Ukraine. On the remark of the leader that the article does not oblige citizens in everyday life to use only the Ukrainian language, the politician replied: «If he lives on this earth, what the hell is he does not speak the language? When he arrives in America, what language he will speak?»

Gordon said that has long monitored the activities fahrion, because he is «extremely interesting».

«I have the opinion that it is because of people like you who Express the same point of view, we lost the Crimea and part of Donbass. I am closely watching your actions, your statements, and I have two options: you or a Russian agent, or a mentally ill person,» said the journalist.

In response, Farion laughed and said she was self-sufficient and free Ukrainian. «I wish you actively study the writings, which say that your language must be protected much more powerful than their territory. We have lost the area where there was no Ukrainian language was only the language of the occupier,» – said the politician.

After Gordon asked her to pass a lie detector and answer the question of whether it is an agent of the FSB of Russia. «Please! Include all detectors!» – fahrion said and stressed that they are ready to pass the polygraph «even today».

«Let’s set a date,» said Gordon. «I don’t understand what it means to design «give.» No! You first learn the Ukrainian language properly, how to speak to me, so I understand what you want to say. In the Ukrainian language do not encourage using particles «let». You as a person who lives in Ukraine should learn the basics of Ukrainian syntax,» said fahrion.

Gordon described the discussion with the former Deputy a «very good». «I continue to believe that all our troubles in the linguistic and inter-religious understanding relate to people who specifically incite hatred… I beg you not to close this conversation. Let me be the first to pass a lie detector and answer any questions: if I were a Russian intelligence agent, do I have political ambitions – everything. And by fahrion have a few questions: if she was recruited by Russian intelligence, whether it is someone’s job to bear such nonsense, if she has a mental illness, did it on this occasion to the doctor…» we Need this shit to end!» – said Gordon.

Fahrion – the member of political Council IN «Freedom». In 2012-2014 he was the MP, isralis in the majority district in the Lviv region. For the 2014 elections in the same district took the third place. Fahrion now teaches at the National University «Lviv Polytechnic», she is a doctor of philological Sciences.

Gordon fahrion You are either a Russian agent, or a mentally ill person. Video 20.11.2017

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