Gordon: Avakov held a confidential meeting with Tymoshenko, in which they agreed to cooperate

The leader of the party «Batkivshchyna», MP Yulia Tymoshenko and Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov held a secret meeting to discuss further political cooperation. This broadcast channel «112 Ukraine» with reference to its sources reported, Ukrainian journalist, founder of the Internet edition «GORDON» Dmitry Gordon.

«As I learned today, at the initiative of Arsen Avakov held a confidential meeting with Yulia Tymoshenko, which resulted in an agreement on mutual cooperation. Avakov that is moving away from Turchinov and Yatsenyuk (NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov and former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk. – «GORDON»). He previously had very good relations with Yulia Tymoshenko, and now, after a long pause, becomes with her at the same time,» said Gordon.

If the Union of Tymoshenko and Avakov will be held in the Parliament can form a new coalition, predicts journalist. Moreover, he continued that «once very loyal to the President,» Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman «is increasingly moving in the direction of Yatsenyuk and Turchynov».

«This implies a completely different relationship within the ruling elite,» – said Gordon.

In his opinion, the Union of Tymoshenko and Avakov could undermine the entire political system in Ukraine.

«The Union of Tymoshenko and Avakov seems to be very interesting. It can undermine the entire existing system of power in Ukraine. Not only can, but, I think, undermine… You understand that Avakov has large powers in Parliament and not only, including armed groups, dobrobiti and so on. In addition, the meeting was allegedly agreed that in the case of elections Tymoshenko will go to the President, and Avakov is on the Prime Minister», – said Gordon.

He noted that after coming to power of Viktor Yanukovych that Tymoshenko helped Avakov to avoid prosecution in Ukraine.

«I want to remind you that Tymoshenko helped Arsen Avakov, who was in Italy to come back (in 2012 in Ukraine was opened against Avakov criminal case in this regard, he went abroad. In the parliamentary election of 2012 took place in the Verkhovna Rada on the list of «Batkivshchyna» after receiving the mandate returned to Ukraine. – «GORDON»). I can’t say exactly how, but know how and through whom. But she did it. That is, there is a long and deep relationship. And now relations between the President and Arsen Avakov extremely tense. Relations between the President and Tymoshenko is extremely tough. Avakov, Tymoshenko became close. What does this mean? And what we said on 10 September, when Kiev wants to return Mikheil Saakashvili? We are in for a very interesting next few weeks… the air smelled not only the reformatting of the coalition, and, quite possibly, early parliamentary and presidential elections,» said Gordon.

Answering specifying question, whether, in his opinion, to the Union of Tymoshenko and Avakov to join Saakashvili, Gordon said, «ready to believe in anything.»

«Our policy is people who don’t have ideological motivations — No closer friends than yesterday’s enemies. Therefore, the Union can be any» – said the journalist.


Gordon: Avakov held a confidential meeting with Tymoshenko, in which they agreed to cooperate 30.08.2017

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