Gorbachev summoned to the court in the case of the storming of the TV tower in Vilnius in 1991

The Vilnius district court said that former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev received a summons in which he was summoned to testify about the events at the TV tower in Vilnius in 1991, which led to the death of 16 people.

According to the representative of the court, a summons Gorbachev received 28 December she was taken to the Gorbachev Foundation in Moscow, and signed for its receipt the ex-President of the USSR, «BBC Ukraine».

It is not clear whether Gorbachev to testify and how.

The idea to use Gorbachev as a witness belongs to the son of Apolinaras Povilaitis, died during those events. In his view, Gorbachev’s my knowing that the KGB special forces are going to storm the television center, who defended the demonstrators, and opened fire on the people.

Gorbachev himself after those events, declared that knew nothing about the plans of the military and special forces. He argued that the soldiers showed a fake order on his behalf, which is then destroyed.

The Vilnius court has previously stated that Gorbachev does not require personal presence at the meeting, and is ready to be heard by videoconference.

The case in question since the beginning of last year, is considered the largest in the history of the Lithuanian proceedings. Now the court listens to the testimony of the victims, which in the case of more than 500.

Lithuania on 11 March 1990 declared independence from the Soviet Union, but Moscow called the decision unconstitutional. January 9 on the streets of Vilnius brought Soviet soldiers under the pretext of search oklemalsya from service in the army.

The storming of the television center in Vilnius was held on the morning of 13 January 1991. It was attended by military and fighters of the «alpha» special forces of the KGB. To protect the building left hundreds of local residents. 15 of them died from gunshot wounds died one of the Soviet special forces.

According to the Lithuanian authorities, the riot police during the assault had used armored vehicles and weapons loaded with live ammunition that led to the death of most people.

The death of the Soviet commando explained by friendly fire – in the opinion of the Lithuanian authorities, he ricocheted a bullet fired from a machine other a special forces soldier. However, members of spetsnaz deny it.

According to them, none of them had live ammunition, and their brother died as a result of a shot from the crowd. The deaths of civilians they explain the alleged sniper fire, which had no relation to special forces, but no fundamental proof of this version not given.

Gorbachev summoned to the court in the case of the storming of the TV tower in Vilnius in 1991 20.01.2017

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