Google Inc. Uber accused in the theft of the technology of unmanned vehicles

Who owns Google company Google Inc. has filed a lawsuit against Uber, accusing him of stealing the technology of laser locator to be used in unmanned vehicles. Reported by Business Insider.

Created By Google Inc. the company Waymo accuses Uber and a former Google engineer the kidnapping of the system «lidar».

Presumably, the former Google employee Anthony Lewandowski before leaving the company stole more than 14 thousand confidential files with the signature schemes of various hardware systems Waymo, including a map of the lidar, and then began to use materials in your own startup Uber at Otto.

In Google Inc. claim, action, Lewandowski was intentional, to capture the developments which are the property of Waymo.

In the summer of 2015, Google has announced a major restructuring of all operations and the creation of a new parent holding company Google Inc. for all services.

Under the new policy, Google has kept the Internet-projects, including the eponymous search engine and a YouTube video, as well as the Android operating system and applications. At the same time, investment and research division came under control of the Alphabet, which is the most valuable company in the world.

Uber Technologies Inc. – an international company from San Francisco, who created the eponymous mobile app to search, call and pay taxi or private drivers. The app is available in 67 countries and in more than 300 cities around the world.

Google Inc. Uber accused in the theft of the technology of unmanned vehicles 06.07.2017

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