Gontareva has charged that national Bank is assigned the calculated MFO, «the Central Bank «DNR». NBU denies

The journalist Alexander Dubinsky said that the national Bank of Ukraine has assigned the calculated MFO, «Central reserve Bank», «DNR». The relevant information is posted on his page in Facebook.

«I easily found evidence that the national Bank of Ukraine has assigned the account code «Central reserve Bank DNR». This code — 400019. Officially listed in the instructions of the Bank «DNR» for payments», — the journalist notes, while citing the reference to «resolution» of the militants, which indicates MFO «CRB DNR».

According to Dubinsky, while officially this code on the website of the NBU no.

«Of course, the national Bank of Moldova does not recognize the results, although not officially denying — in response to my request wrote a lot of platitudes, but said nothing,» writes Dubinsky.

The journalist believes that the way the head of national Bank Valeria Gontareva actually acknowledged the existence of «DNR».

«I wish her hurry to get there passport,» Dubinsky wrote.

In turn, the NBU said that information about the alleged misappropriation of the National Bank of Ukraine, MFO (Bank code) «Central banks» of the so-called «DNR»/»LNR» is not true.

«The national Bank and Ukrainian banking system does not operate on the territory of the self-proclaimed so-called «LNR»,»DNR». NBU also does not regulate the banking institutions in uncontrolled Ukraine territories», — stated in the message of the Ukrainian Central Bank on Tuesday 7 February 2017.

The national Bank reminded that the implementation of all types of financial operations in settlements that are not controlled by the Ukrainian authorities, was suspended in 2014.

Also, the national Bank said that the check, the Bank code (MFO) and to find out more information about the entity which it belongs, on the official page of the Central Bank to guide banks in Ukraine, according to which the specified by Dubinsky code is not used.

«Also, please note that the use of «Central banks» the so-called DPR and LPR on financial terms similar to those used by the Ukrainian banking system, cannot prove the fact of collaboration with the NBU,» reads the statement of the Central Bank.

In response, Dubinsky said that the national Bank says about «using» the code, otogibanashi from his prisvoenie, this once again confirms, as he considers this fact to be reliable.

«MFIs 400019, who are now CRB indicates «DNR», was used for calculations with Belarusian branch of «Zhilstroybank» (in Ukraine it was called «Ukrsotsbank»).

After the elimination of «Zhilstroybank» code has become «neutral».

And now, according to NBU, «in use» Central reserve Bank «DNR», — said in his response to the rebuttal from the controller.

However, as Dubinsky continues, «just to usurp the MFI is pointless». «Because these codes after the collapse of the Soviet Union are used only in Ukraine and Uzbekistan,» he says.

«It is therefore evident that the presence of CRH «DNR» MFI 400019 you only need to make payments to Ukraine. And I’m sure that if MPs with queries can get some answers to the question of what the calculations are using this MFI — we learn a lot of interesting» — sums up the journalist.

Earlier, Gontareva has repeatedly been accused of making decisions in the interests of a major Russian parastatal Bank capital.

Meanwhile, on 7 February, her assistant Manager Ekaterina Rozhkova said that banks with Russian capital in Ukraine are currently limited to operations, working under the supervision of the curator and looking for a buyer.

Gontareva has charged that national Bank is assigned the calculated MFO, «the Central Bank «DNR». NBU denies 08.02.2017

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