«Goblin» has quickly sold stolen Kolomoisky sanatorium «foros» for $ 2.4 million

Administration of temporary occupation of the Crimea was put up for auction legendary sanatorium «foros».

The initial price of the resort, prior to the occupation belongs to the structures Igor Kolomoisky, — almost half a billion rubles, according to 16 October 2015, the «Echo of Moscow».

Claimed the starting price at the official rate of the Central Bank of Russia on October 15, is 2 4100 257 USD.

Radio station emphasizes that the fake «Prime Minister of Crimea» Sergey Aksenov (known in the criminal environment as «the authority» on a nickname «Goblin») was commissioned to conduct the auction as quickly as possible. «Power» Peninsula «nationalized» health resort along with other objects.

The «foros» sanatorium in Yalta was built in the late 1980s. Then it belonged to the property management Department of the CPSU Central Committee, and was considered one of the «cool» vacation spots of the Soviet party elite. Today, judging by the prices on the website of the sanatorium, one day in the former party resort will cost from 3.5 to 15.5 thousand rubles.

As previously reported, on September 14, the Prosecutor of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea initiated criminal proceedings on the fact of a taking by abuse of official position of officials of the illegally constituted body — the «Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea» and transfer the ownership of the Russian Federation the property belonging to the State enterprise of Ukraine «international children’s center «Artek».

Aksenova the Prosecutor instructed to detain in March last year. Against him, the SBU opened criminal proceedings regarding the infringement of the overthrow of the constitutional order in Ukraine.

«Goblin» has quickly sold stolen Kolomoisky sanatorium «foros» for $ 2.4 million 16.10.2015

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