Girkin is afraid to return to ORDO: Maybe I should just kill myself here? Not to go

The former leader of terrorist group «DNR», Russian Igor «Strelkov» Girkin is seriously frightened by the string of killings of militants , Mikhail «Givi» Tolstykh, Arseniy «Motorola» Pavlov and other separatists.

As reports «Censor.NO,» one of the main sponsors of the Russian armed invasion of Ukraine is afraid for his life and accused in the murders of the leader of the group of militants «LNR» Igor Plotnitsky.

«That’s where I return to the basement immediately? Or to repeat the fate of Brain, who was killed by unknown Ukrainian DRG? Any, excuse, the idiot knows «the Lugansk Republic» that had a hand pan Carpenter. The division of Wagner. Or to repeat the fate of Batman, who was also killed? About Brain I have more about Wagner not speak, but Batman — sure it worked,» — said Girkin. (According to the media, competing with the formal leader of group «LNR» Igor Plotnitsky, the leaders of the gang Alexey Mozgovoy, Pavel Dremov, Alexander Bednov and Evgeny Ishchenko, presumably, were eliminated people from the private military company «PMC Wagner» the Russian mercenary Dmitry Utkin. — Ed.)

«Well, what am I? Maybe I should just kill myself here? Not to go, not to waste time, not wasting gasoline», — said Girkin.

As reported, the leader of fighters of «Somalia» Mikhail Tolstoy, nicknamed Givi killed due to a shot of jet infantry flamethrower «bumblebee» February 8 in the temporarily occupied Donetsk. Responsibility for his murder took his subordinates: the citizen of the Russian Federation, a mercenary from Moscow Igor «French» Myltsev of «Somalia» and three more militants of the same gangs – the murder called revenge of colleagues, Givi allegedly abandoned to their fate during the battle at Avdeevka at the end of January 2017.

Before that, February 3, intelligence reported that the Russian military-political leadership threatened to dismiss the leaders of the militants «DNR» in case of loss of control over Yasynuvata springboard. In the area around the Town – from the end of January were brutal battles: the Russian-terrorist troops repeatedly attacked the positions of ATO forces, but all their attacks were repulsed. The invaders lost their strategic positions («Almaz-2»), which are fully controlled by the road Donetsk — Lugansk and Donetsk — Gorlovka.

February 4, in Lugansk the explosion were killed, «head of the people’s militia a» terrorist organization «LNR» Oleg Anashchenko.

Previously, on 27 January 2017, in Moscow (Russia) suddenly died, the former leader of the terrorist organization «LNR» Valery Bolotov. The militants said that the death was from a heart attack. However, the widow Bolotov believes that he was poisoned.

Note that in his last public interview, Bolotov in December 2016 harshly criticized his successor Igor Plotnitsky, saying he was deprived of his «post» as a result of the conspiracy, and also said that the battalion «Zarya» under the command of the Carpenter provocations and shelled Lugansk in the summer of 2014.

6 August 2016 the leader «Enroute» Igor Plotnitsky survived an assassination attempt. His personal car was undermined by the unknown.

Later, 19 September 2016, in Moscow, the ruble was shot by the founder of the Pro-Russian separatist organization «Oplot» Evgeny Zhilin, which started its illegal activity «Dnrovets» Alexander Zakharchenko. And on the eve of this event, on September 18, it became known about the deadly «mushroom poisoning» that occurred with parents Carpenter in Voronezh. Carpenter also declared wanted the former colleague Alexey Karjakin, who previously headed the so-called «Parliament «LC».

Then, on 21 September 2016, Carpenter said on the prevention of «another coup», after which, he said, in Lugansk and the surrounding area supposedly «had to stop the Ukrainian army». «Colleague» Zakharchenko Carpenter then commented that they have «something too rough prepared». Moreover, Zakharchenko confirmed that she had sent to help the Carpenter in connection with the «coup» illegal armed formation «Sparta», headed by the notorious Motorola, which later — on 16 October 2016 — blasted in the Elevator in Donetsk.

Later in September 2016, «mayor» of the red Beam (Lugansk region) Yuriy Kondratenko called «support the leadership of the people’s police in the fight against embezzlers Carpenter.» And before that, a battalion of fighters»Enroute» «Ghost» them. A. B. Brain» said about cleansing on the part of the leader of «LNR» Carpenter.

Girkin is afraid to return to ORDO: Maybe I should just kill myself here? Not to go 10.02.2017

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