Germany was the country’s largest legal concert of neo-Nazis

In Germany, 15 July was the biggest legal concert organized by neo-Nazis. About this reports Deutsche Welle.

The concert called «Rock against foreign domination», which took place in the vicinity of Themar city in Thuringia, came almost six thousand people. While the population of Temara is three thousand.

The publication writes that the major conflicts during the event did not happen. There have been cases of display of Nazi symbols, several thefts, drug use and verbal abuse committed under the influence of alcohol.

To protect the event attracted about a thousand policemen.

Deutsche Welle reports that against the event were representatives of public organizations, churches and individual citizens.

In the past year, according to the German government, in Germany there had been at least 205 music events right extremist direction, among them, 78 concerts.

The growth of the neo-Nazi movement in Germany was stronger in the Eastern part of the country, which was formerly the German Democratic Republic, clarifies the issue.

Germany was the country’s largest legal concert of neo-Nazis 16.07.2017

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