German journalists claim that Russia has recruited mercenaries for the war in Afghanistan. This deals Utkin

The recruitment of the Russian military to participate «in peacekeeping and anti-terrorist operations abroad,» resolved adopted in December 2016 amendments to the law «On military duty and military service», is already underway and the recruiter working on «a private military company (PMC) Wagner», hinting that new war will be Afghanistan, writes citing the German weekly Die Zeit.

Material weekly based on a conversation with the advertiser in the social network «Vkontakte», offering «work at Home» «based on» for 50 thousand roubles a month, «output» — from 80 thousand rubles, plus bonuses, and communication with sources trying to get soldiers to private military companies.

The author of this advertisement, subscribing in social network «Ilya Ivanov», is an experienced recruiter, looking for men for private military companies. Even in 2014, when the public did not know about Russian soldiers in Syria, he wrote on his page «Vkontakte» he is looking for people willing to «associate themselves with the fate of adventure in tropical countries».

With the recruiter the conversation was created by the authors of the material the fake account of «Paul Nikulin», supposedly past service in the army and received specialty driver-mechanic tank. Ivanov said that the tankers «like hot cakes» in addition, we need doctors, engineers and competent communicators. Also looking for pilots, they are out of the competition.

All other applicants must first pass tests and provide documentation. The most important condition is the presence of the passport and lack of credit and a criminal record.

Two other sources who were trying to get fighters in PMCs confirmed to the newspaper that talked with «Ivanov». He described the path and the terrain at the test site, home of the PMC.

According to «Ivanov», the base for training fighters PMC is located near the village of Molkino in Krasnodar territory. Before the Ukrainian Donetsk place about 500 kilometers to the Russian resort of Sochi, about 250 kilometers. In 2015 on the ground in Molkino was upgraded, which spent more than 50 million rubles. Officially Molkino deployed three military divisions: 1st guards missile brigade (in/h 31853), the 10th separate brigade of special purpose GRU of the defense Ministry (in/h 51532), and 243-y of the General polygon (in/h 55485).

Those who tried to get into the PMC, told the newspaper that the entrance tests are easy enough: a simple standards for physical fitness — pushups, pullups, running a hundred metres and three kilometres, the Cooper test and fire training. The one who made it through, stays at the base training, which typically lasts two months.

Adopted by PMC soldiers to sign at least six months «rather conventional» contract only «two pages». «On the first page is written «not to tell», on the second page «read what is written on the first page,» joked the recruiter.

«Tank burned — received money. Understand? Any firing point scored, more money is received, if the commander confirmed», — explained the «Smith».

Syria, according to the recruiter, — «old theme». «Now would be… can’t say, think, guess: in the 80-ies of the army was there. Understand? There is also the Sands and the mountains. It means that the peacekeeping operation is the protection of ambassadors, etc. Even give you a medal for the feat. Most of you will not, because on TV you won’t glow,» — said Ivanov.

A Russian expert at the German society for foreign policy Stefan Meister thinks that we are talking about Afghanistan, but believes that the Russian population will not be able to persuade him to participate in a ground operation there, because the experience of the Soviet losses in this country were too traumatic and has not disappeared from people’s memory.

«Today in Afghanistan are only technicians and instructors that are required, in particular for the technical support of Russian helicopters,» explained Meister. In January 2016, was signed an intergovernmental agreement to assist the Afghanistan military-technical assistance.

«If NATO in 2017 withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, then Russia can really be afraid from the fact that terrorism will spread throughout the country. The Taliban can greatly destabilize the Central Asian neighbors of the Russian Federation, and it is a real threat, including to Russia,» — says Meister.

In this case, we cannot exclude the occurrence in this country of Russian troops and mercenaries, he says.

The German newspaper writes that the amendments to the law on military service, which entered into force on 9 January 2015, allow the use of Russian mercenaries around the world and legalize the activities of private military companies. Citizens staying in reserve, are considered to be performing duties of military service, if they participate in the «suppress international terrorist activities outside the territory of the Russian Federation».

Die Zeit calls it legalization of mercenarism is prohibited in the Russian Federation criminal code, and explains its specific interdependence of foreign and domestic policy of the Russian President.

«Since Vladimir Putin came to power, he supported her through war. First, the Second Chechen war, 2008 war with Georgia, then Ukraine, and in 2015 — participation in the war in Syria. All military actions, regardless of whether they began at the Russian initiative or not, Putin has used for political rating,» the newspaper said.

A government bill allowing the recruits and reservists to sign short-term contracts on military service during emergencies or to participate in peacekeeping and anti-terrorist operations abroad, 14 December 2016 was finally approved by the state Duma.

The relevant amendments to the law «On military duty and military service» was prepared by the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation last autumn. Unofficially, the office of innovation was connected with a military operation in Syria.

Also in 2015 their separate decree, Putin has carried to the state secret data on the losses among servicemen of the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation during carrying out by foreign special operations in peacetime.

As reported, directs the PMC «Wagner,» native of Ukraine Dmitry Utkin (aka «Wagner», hence the name of the company), which is close to St. Petersburg’s criminal-oligarchic clan of Putin, an officer in the Russian military intelligence service GRU. Fighters Utkin take an active part in the invasions in Ukraine and in Syria. In particular, their responsibilities include the protection of high-ranking Pro-Russian kolaborantov and led by their temporary occupation administrations, the physical elimination of their competitors, the dissolution of the uncontrolled units, and special operations, the GRU.

While Utkin regularly visits his native Kirovohrad oblast. SBU forbade him from entering Ukraine because it is no criminal proceedings.


In February 2016, the Russian government Dmitry Medvedev has made to the colleagues from Afghanistan «gift» in the form of 10 thousand rifles and ammo.

«This gift symbolizes the deep friendship between the two Nations. This is an important gift from an important friend of Afghanistan at this time, which is crucial for Afghanistan and for the region», — said the national security adviser of Afghanistan, Hanif Atmar.

And in 2015, Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani has asked Russia to grant his country the weapons, including artillery, small arms and helicopter gunships Mi-35.

Then it was noted that the government of Afghanistan decided to turn to Russia due to the fact that the US and its allies in the international coalition has significantly reduced its military presence in the country and cut financial aid.

Russian Ambassador in Kabul Alexander Mantytsky said that Russia will help Afghanistan, but noted that the sending of Russian military in this country are excluded.

Meanwhile, in mid-October 2015, Putin stressed that the situation with terrorists in Afghanistan is «close to critical».

German journalists claim that Russia has recruited mercenaries for the war in Afghanistan. This deals Utkin 07.02.2017

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