Gerashchenko: the release of «Center UA» will be discussed in Minsk

The issue of the release of the convicted person «Drowzee» activist Vladimir Fomichev will be discussed at a meeting of the Trilateral contact group in Minsk on August 26. This was stated by the representative of the President for conflict settlement in Donetsk and Lugansk regions Irina Gerashchenko in the comments

Human rights activist: activist Fomichev, the militants knocked out a power of recognition

She confirmed that she learned about «the court» over Fomichev in the occupied part of Donbass from the media.

«We were not aware of the situation, but I’ll be sure to raise this issue in Minsk on the 26th,» – said Gerashchenko.

As reported in «DPR» — controlled part of Eastern Ukraine, activist, member of «Center UA» Vladimir Fomichev was sentenced to 2 years in prison. He was captured in January 2016.

Relatives Fomichev didn’t want the publicity and, until the verdict, not attracted by the Ukrainian side to the issue of his release, trying to negotiate with terrorists.

Human rights activist: activist Fomichev, the militants knocked out a power of recognition

Mr Fomichev made a confession of the Donetsk militants under pressure. This was stated by the analyst of the international human rights organization Amnesty International Krassimir Yankov in the air «Hromadske radio».

According to him, the power to Fomichev, who came to her parents in the town to celebrate the new year of 2016, the militants used from the beginning. He said that the so-called employees «MGB» broke into the house on 4 January.

«Back home, the mother of Vladimir and saw him in the middle of the room on his knees with worn face, and the «MGB» conducted a search. About 17 o’clock in the evening it was taken away. With him they took electronic media, computers, phones, and a few Ukrainian flags that were in his house» – he said.

According to Yankov, a few days later the parents reported that Fomicheva suspected of cooperation with «Freedom» and that he had found two grenades in his jacket.

«Perhaps, these grenades are the most ridiculous part of the story. As for «investigator» found them already in the office «MGB». That is, the house while being searched, he was in a t-shirt. And when they led him out from the hanger he took the jacket, in the pocket of which were two grenades,» he said.

At the same time, according to Yankov, Fomichev confessed and did not dispute anything. The human rights activist admitted that, most likely, the prisoner gave that testimony, not of their own accord, but he believes that Fomicheva not subjected to torture.

«As far as we understand it, fortunately, there was not tortured. But what happened to him in the early days when he gave all his «evidence» and when he found a grenade. Based on our experience, in the early days of the people and knock readings to use them in the future,» he said.

Yankov also considers it likely that Fomichev was arrested on a tip-off. Earlier, the blogger Denis Kazansky said that it was passed by the activist of the «DNR» Roman Kazahmedov. Yankov also believes that the decision of parents not to make a fuss about it was wrong.

«If appealed to international organizations and raised a fuss in the press, at least would have learned something much earlier,» he said.

According to Yankov, the militants used Fomichev for sharing.

«What is happening with Vladimir, Dr. Kozlovsky and others who are now in the «MGB» – they are used for exchange. They make the important people to get in exchange as much as possible the number of gunmen in the East of Ukraine», – he said.

The rights activist advised the family Fomichev to contact the Center for the exchange of prisoners at SBU to include it in the list.

Gerashchenko: the release of «Center UA» will be discussed in Minsk 19.08.2016

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