Gerashchenko: the hunger strike for the release of prisoners to help

Announcement of hunger strike by several mothers and wives of Ukrainian citizens who are held hostage by the militants in the Donbass, will not help the early release of prisoners. Wrote about this on his page in Facebook, first Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s representative in the subgroup with humanitarian issues of the Trilateral contact group Irina Gerashchenko.

«It is unlikely that the children who are now in captivity, will be delighted if they knew that their mother and wife decided to starve… you Know, the prisoners and so breaks the heart, that their relatives are unable to hug them so long waiting and struggling, nervous, worry… And now, as a result of certain actions under AP (presidential administration — ed.), a few unfortunate women decided to starve… If it somehow helped in the liberation of the guys for which we fight… If it somehow melted the hearts of those who have the keys to the prison of the hostages… Obviously not,» she said.

Gerashchenko also expressed the view that «it is irresponsible and cruel to involve the families of the hostages in such ventures. So use them despair.»

«We will do everything to get moms and wives to come home, they need strength and endurance to wait for their loved ones. And do anything to get guys. And if on some parts it is impossible to say until the moment of release, it does not mean that the work is not conducted», — it summed up.

As previously reported, there was agreement on the exchange of prisoners in the Donbass in the format «two on two», said on Monday, August 8, people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko.

Savchenko also argued that continuing the hunger strike to seek the release of Ukrainian citizens who are in captivity of militants in the occupied part of Donbass in the Russian Federation.

«I continue the hunger strike,» — said Savchenko.

She said that she was hoping after the announcement of the hunger strike that the issue of release of prisoners to draw attention the country’s leadership, but this did not happen.

Gerashchenko: the hunger strike for the release of prisoners to help 09.08.2016

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