Gerashchenko: the detainee FSB «saboteur» was «padded»-a repeat offender named Zaya

The detainee FSB of Russia in the Crimea, the alleged saboteur Andrew Sahta was twice convicted, according to the adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine, MP Anton heraschenko (the faction «people’s front»).

«The journalists of news Agency «the Peacemaker» studied the personal data of A. R. Sahaja available in the public domain, and found that this is a banal anti-is configured and twice convicted recidivist nicknamed «Hutch», — he wrote on his page in Facebook on Friday.

Gerashchenko recalled that on Thursday, the FSB arrested a second Ukrainian saboteur» – 41-year-old superintendent of Yalta Sahaja.

According to the Deputy, the detainee was sentenced in 1998 to 6.5 years in prison for a robbery committed by a group of persons, for 4 years he served the sentence in the Lviv penal colony №40, but «the path of correction did not.»

According to Gerashchenko, re-Tahta was prosecuted in 2008 for fraud, forgery and other crimes.

«In 2011, Zaya had accumulated debts in his native town of Borislav of Lviv region and stupidly ran away from creditors to Moscow. Then moved to Evpatoria, where he lived until now. During the Maidan, «Zaya», as the average jacket, the post «Vkontakte» anti-Ukrainian slogans,» wrote the MP.

«In General, if Zaya and the agent, it is not exactly the Ukrainian security services. Most likely it is used as «canned» FSB agents», he added.

Gerashchenko also posted a photo of Sahaja and a copy of his criminal record.

On the eve of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia reported that in the Crimea for alleged assistance in the preparation of terrorist acts detained a man named Sahta.

«As a result of the Russian side events held in the territory of the Republic of Crimea liquidated a network of agents of the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine. Detained persons from among citizens of Ukraine and Russia, assisting in the preparation of terrorist acts. Among them – the gentry, Eugene A. and Sahta Andrei Romanovich. All of them give grateful evidences», — stated in the message.

The Russian foreign Ministry did not specify whether Sahta a citizen of Ukraine.

Gerashchenko: the detainee FSB «saboteur» was «padded»-a repeat offender named Zaya 12.08.2016

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