Gerashchenko: Russia grabbed Ukrainian and gave it to the militants. In Minsk about the exchange of hostages has not agreed

At the talks in Minsk of the Trilateral contact group on the situation in the Ukrainian Donbass discussed the fate of the hostages that the terrorist groups «D/LC» illegally held on the territory they temporarily control certain regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

«The Ukrainian side made a concrete offer for the release of some seriously ill and elderly people, in particular, of the theologian and historian I. Kozlovsky, had significantly deteriorated health. Unfortunately, received a categorical refusal from representatives ORDO. As yet there is no compromise on our proposals for the release of 57 other hostages, the retention of which is confirmed ORDO. They demand the release of more than 700 people (with each meeting more and more) committed crimes against Ukraine, including heavy (this list is killer and those who do not have any relation to the conflict in the Donbass, but involved in terrorist attacks in Odessa or Kharkiv),» — said the first Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s representative to the Humanities subgroup of the TAG Irina Gerashchenko on Wednesday, November 23, on his page on the social network Facebook.

She also spoke about detained in Lugansk militants of the fans of football club «Zarya» Ultras Black-and-white» Vladislav Ovcharenko (1996) and Artem Akhmerov (1997).

«Special unit discussed the fate of the teenagers, which ORDO was accused of «sabotage» that the alleged children recruited or former employee of the SBU, or former representative of the battalion «Azov», which ran in the form of a battalion in the occupied Donetsk. Ukraine demands the release of these children so they returned to their families. Our security services say that the man visionaries with ORDO called «the representative of one of the battalions» in the battalion was not, it is fake and nonsense. By the way, on the fact of illegal detention of teenagers by illegal armed groups, the military Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case», — said Gerashchenko.

In addition, it attracted the attention of the coordinator of OSCE to a screaming fact about the hostages – when in Russian Federation was detained by Ukrainian and transferred him to fighters «DNR».

«We, together with the Ombudsman Lutkovska received information that the Russian Federation groundlessly detained the citizen of Ukraine of Nikolaev and …..handed it to the ORDO. Moreover, the citizen of Ukraine was passing through the uncontrolled border areas, and that the illegal movement of people, which is a crime in the context of international humanitarian law», — said Gerashchenko.

She also noted that in the humanitarian group at the talks in Minsk Ukrainian side, besides her, are the former head of the presidential administration of times of Leonid Kuchma, the leader of the movement «Ukrainian choice» and the godfather of Russian President Vladimir Putin Victor Medvedchuk, and also the expert from the SBU.

«We do not lose hope to find a compromise, not discouraged, work not only during the work of the Minsk group, but also in between sessions. Do everything that was good news for the families of hostages», — said Gerashchenko.

«As for other humanitarian aspects, Ukraine is outraged that so far the militants are not open PPC «gold» this item is blocked since March. We insist on its immediate opening,» she said.

Gerashchenko also said that the Ukrainian side for the sake of simplification of crossing the KPVV for ordinary citizens who suffer most from the conflict, prepared on the eve of new year and Christmas holidays to increase the number of work Windows and guards at KPVV and also to increase the resolution on travel Luggage with 50 to 75 kg.

«Let this small but very important for ordinary citizens decision,» she added.

«Another issue is water supply in the occupied territory. Ukraine, to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe and thus maintaining the citizens in the occupied territories, all the while supplying water. 2 years accumulated huge debts, heavy burden on the already poor budget of the Luhansk region. But water not only ordinary people but also companies or businesses. Ukraine will not be anyone to supply the water free. All citizens of Ukraine pay for utility services. The Ukrainian side demands from the Russian Federation, which bears full responsibility for the occupied territory to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in the Donbas. Debts for the supplied water should be paid for water and electricity have to pay,» — said Gerashchenko.

Gerashchenko: Russia grabbed Ukrainian and gave it to the militants. In Minsk about the exchange of hostages has not agreed 23.11.2016

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