Gerashchenko released the full video of the pursuit of «crazy BMW»

The adviser to the interior Minister, MP Anton Gerashchenko released the full video from the patrol rejestratora inpector Oliynik, who is accused of premeditated murder passenger BMW. The entry he posted on his page in Facebook.

According to the adviser to the interior Minister, all who wants can see how dramatic was the pursuit of «crazy BMW» with inadequate driver behind the wheel.

From the record in particular it follows that patrol many times demanded through the loudspeaker to stop the car, representing a lethal threat to other road users. Repeatedly warned that they will be forced to use firearms.

Full video shows that patrol Oleynik began to use the weapon, firing at the rear left wheel of a BMW and shot a whole clip on the wheel.

Also a patrol duty Oliynyk reports on all its activities in the use of firearms, as it is and provide job descriptions.

«The video shows what it is about the planning of murder of the driver and passengers of BMW and the speech can’t be», — said Gerashchenko.

«Summarizing, I can confidently say that patrol Oliynik can be accused of anything — the inability to shoot accurately at speed 150 km/h on a moving vehicle, in the abuse of power, murder by negligence, but not intent to commit premeditated murder all four passengers and the driver of the BMW,» he insists.

Gerashchenko also accused the Prosecutor in the distortion of the overall picture of the incident. According to him, «the Prosecutor’s office has forbidden the police to publish any video of the incident, as has now become clear, in order to cut out individual moments and show only what she wanted to demonstrate».

«The Prosecutor’s office there are several hours of video from cameras to other police patrols persecuted «crazy BMW» and which are perfectly visible all the drama of the chase, all the irresponsibility of the driver of the BMW, which put dozens of times that night endangered the lives of others», — writes Gerashchenko.

He was encouraged to publish these records, to «everyone that wants to hear how difficult and dangerous police work and how their work is useful for our society».

We will remind, in Kiev on the night of 7 February a patrol police during the prosecution of the violator of the rules of the road opened fire on the BMW. In the death of 17-year-old passenger who in the company of three other young people in a state of intoxication were in the car.

The Moscow Prosecutor’s office opened on this fact criminal proceedings. Patrol officers who participated in the prosecution of the car-offender, was suspended from duty pending investigation.

We will remind, the patrol police is authorized in exceptional cases to use firearms to stop a vehicle by damaging it if the driver by his actions endangers the life or health of people and/or police.

On February 18 the Pechersk district court arrested for two months police of Sergey Oleynik, who is suspected of intentional homicide of a minor, who was in the BMW.

The head of the National police khatia Dekanoidze has expressed regret over the decision of the judge about the custody of the police, who used firearms to apprehend BMW during autoprocedure in Kiev.

«We must be very careful not to let it become the «Inquisition» to police,» she said.

The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov said that the decision of the court about the arrest of a police officer «ravishing punishment».

Gerashchenko released the full video of the pursuit of «crazy BMW» 22.02.2016

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