Gerashchenko has likened the occupation of Donbass from «ISIS» and called the specified number of hostages

Commissioner of the President of Ukraine on resolving the situation in Donbas, a member of the subgroup for the exchange of prisoners in Minsk , Irina Herashchenko said about the failure of Russia and its militants controlled the humanitarian aspects of the Minsk agreements. About it today, 16 February, she said from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada.

«A year ago, was signed the agreement in Minsk, still the world first drew attention to the political unit of the Minsk agreements. At that time, as a key and fundamental are the humanitarian aspects. Today in the captivity of militants remains, according to updated information from the security service of Ukraine, Ukrainians 137. 10 of them are in prisons of the Russian Federation. Last week, the rebels made a shocking statement in its cynicism reminiscent of the rhetoric of the ISIS,» said Gerashchenko.

She said that the militants have stated that they can apply to the Ukrainians the death penalty based on the Criminal code is not an existing country — Soviet Union.

«We see these horrible statements just as blackmail of Ukraine and to mock the relatives of the hostages. This is a very serious pressure on the hostages, the danger of their lives. Unfortunately, we have not heard any response of any country of the world,» said Gerashchenko.

She added that in this regard, the Verkhovna Rada has prepared the corresponding resolution for appeals to the international community.

«From the Ukrainian Parliament we want to appeal to the international partners primarily to demand from the Russian Federation and entities controlled by the militants, respect for human rights and to demand the release of our hostages», — said Gerashchenko.

January 13 in Minsk the participants of the Trilateral contact group on settling the situation in Donbas agreed to free more than 50 prisoners on both sides.

However the occupiers block the release of prisoners on lists.

Gerashchenko has likened the occupation of Donbass from «ISIS» and called the specified number of hostages 16.02.2016

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