Gerashchenko criticized the OSCE for the lack of response to the unavailability of the Ukrainian TV channels in Russia

First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s representative to the Humanities subgroup of the Trilateral contact group on the Donbas Irina Gerashchenko rebuked the OSCE and other international organizations for the lack of response to the unavailability of the Ukrainian TV channels in Russia.

«In Russia no one Ukrainian TV channel… for some reason, it never cared and do not care about any esteemed Lord Dunja Mijatovic (OSCE representative on freedom of the media Dunja Mijatovic — ed) and the OSCE nor any other international journalistic organization?» she wrote on her Facebook page on Saturday.

Gerashchenko noted that Russia is home to multi-million Ukrainian Diaspora, tens of thousands of Ukrainians working in Russia, hundreds were left due to the Russian aggression in Donbass and in Russian prisons sitting for years Ukrainians – political prisoners.

«They have a right to the Ukrainian language and Ukrainian TV channels, but not in the same cable! Also blocked Ukrainian TV channels in occupied Donbas and Crimea. Where strong statements about this?» – wrote the first Vice-speaker of Parliament.

She also stressed that the violation of freedom of speech in the occupied territories is not included in the various international monitoring, including the Council of Europe, as «there is not allowed the monitoring mission, and thus information may not be in the reports.»

«And in regards to the presence of foreign TV channels in the Ukrainian media space, what would the country nor were these channels, they must adhere to Ukrainian legislation, if relayed in Ukraine», – said Gerashchenko.

As reported, January 12, the national Council of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting Council ordered Ukrainian providers to stop relaying Russian TV channel «Rain» because of the channel-recognition of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, as well as translation of the Russian advertising.

Mijatovic 13 January posted on his Twitter a link to an article in The Moscow Times, which indicates the reason for the ban of the Russian TV channel «Rain» in Ukraine: channel is presented annexed Crimea as part of Russia.

In turn, people’s Deputy of Ukraine, head of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE Vladimir Aryev noted that the broadcasting of «Rain» has been suspended in Russia «two years ago». Mijatovic said: «Not really, they still work via cable broadcasting, and I condemned the move by Russia».

The American non-governmental organization Freedom House, in its statement on 13 January called an act of censorship, the prohibition of broadcasting in Ukraine of the TV channel «Rain». «The ban by the authorities of the broadcast of the TV channel «Rain» – censorship that limits the access of Ukrainians to the variety of points of view», – says Vice-President of the Freedom House international programs Robert Herman.

In turn, the Committee to protect journalists (headquarters in new York, USA), urged the Ukrainian authorities to cancel the decision to ban broadcast on the territory of Ukraine TV channel «Rain» because «this clumsy censorship» deprives the Russian-speaking audience of Ukraine to get acquainted with the transmission media that is different from the Russian viewpoint».

Gerashchenko criticized the OSCE for the lack of response to the unavailability of the Ukrainian TV channels in Russia 14.01.2017

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