Gerashchenko about the plan Pinchuk: Crimea to Donbass is not replaceable

First Vice-speaker Irina Gerashchenko declares that any one Deputy or a political force will not be able to force a discussion of putting the territory.

So Gerashchenko commented on the statements that return Donbas by peaceful means only «passing» the Crimea, reports «Ukrainian truth».

«Crimea in the Donbass we are not going to change. And Donbass will not take too. We will do everything to get every meter of Ukrainian land. We will fight for every Ukrainian. Ukraine — and Lviv, and Kyiv, but Crimea and Donetsk, and Lugansk. We should not treat Ukraine as to his constituency – where support for those struggling where I do not perceive those expunged», — he said.

«Fight for everyone. The restoration of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within the boundaries of 2013 is our goal. And nobody, no political force or not a single MP who is trying to sow confusion, defeatism, to force a discussion of putting the territory or the trade will not take us from the path recovery of a single and United Ukraine. Crimea to Donbass is not replaceable. Donbass do not pass», — said Gerashchenko.

As reported, before the new year in an article for the Wall Street Journal Victor Pinchuk proposed to the authorities and citizens of Ukraine to agree to a number of «painful compromises» for the conflict with Russia.

In particular, the temporary exclusion of Ukraine from the stated goals of the country’s membership in the EU, the rejection of NATO membership, the holding of local elections in the occupied territories to the full return of control over this territory in order to «demonstrate their commitment to a peaceful unification».

Pinchuk also proposed not to tie the issue of the occupied Donbass to the question of the occupation of the Crimea. Another suggestion of a businessman is giving Ukraine the consent for a gradual lifting of sanctions with Russia.

These proposals caused outrage of the Ukrainian public. In protest, politicians called for a boycott of the «Ukrainian Breakfast» Pinchuk at the forum in Davos. In the administration of the President of Ukraine said that such a compromise is impossible.

Gerashchenko about the plan Pinchuk: Crimea to Donbass is not replaceable 18.01.2017

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