George Soros will become an investor in the Fund of direct investments in Ukraine

Ukrainian investment Fund, Redevelopment Fund, operating under the control of one of the largest investment funds Soros Fund Management, acting in the interests of the American financier George Soros, will be the investor of the direct investment Fund Dragon Capital Ukraine New Fund, which will operate under the management of the Ukrainian company «dragon Capital». This was reported by the press service of «dragon Capital».

«We are pleased to become an anchor investor new Fund of direct investments in Ukraine», — quotes the press-Secretary Soros Fund Management Michael Vasona press service of the Ukrainian company.

Ukraine Dragon Capital’s New Fund plans to invest in various sectors of the Ukrainian economy, providing enterprise financial and management support to increase efficiency, upgrade technology and provide long-term growth.

«We believe that the international private capital combined with strong local management skills will contribute to the recovery of Ukrainian economy and will bring undoubted benefits. Dragon Capital New Fund Ukraine has everything to become one of the first successful examples of post-crisis private equity market in Ukraine», — said Vashon.

In turn General Director of «dragon Capital» Tomas Fiala said that at the moment Ukraine has the opportunity to invest in local businesses at a bargain price.

«We believe that the current economic situation in Ukraine is a great opportunity to invest in successful local businesses at an attractive price. We will seek to leverage the interests of the Fund and partner companies our extensive network of contacts in Ukraine and abroad,» said Fiala.

American financier George Soros is willing to invest in the economy of Ukraine up to 1 billion. provided that Western countries also begin to invest in our country. Soros also noted that the new tax reform in Ukraine should eliminate obstacles for international investors.

George Soros will become an investor in the Fund of direct investments in Ukraine 18.11.2015

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