Gennady Gudkov: Russia is dying. And gets up from his knees

Deep demographic crisis in Russia kompensiruet by the Kremlin due to the influx of poorly educated residents of Central Asia or China. This opinion was expressed by the Russian opposition politician, former Deputy of the State Duma of Russia Gennady Gudkov in Facebook.

«Russia is dying. And gets up from his knees. Here is another summary «work on galleys» of our sun. Of course, «idiot box» in the face Kiselev, Soloviev and others silent about this. And while he is silent, is import substitution: instead of Russians, the country developed by immigrants from Central Asia, China and other populous neighbors. They are poorly educated, poorly speak Russian, but very helpful Kremlin’s false statistics to mask the deepest demographic crisis,» he said.

The opposition leader said that no enemy of the migration in the Russian Federation.

«We are looking forward to intelligent and educated people from neighboring countries. Instead of just leaving Russia’s future Tsiolkovsky and Mendeleev to us often come Ravshan from the famous series. And our scientists and experts make discoveries that move the world’s progress, get positions, academic titles, the Nobel prize in American but European universities and laboratories. And we as a nation grow old, get stupid, degenerate and die. Say thanks to the current regime who seeks only to lie and to steal. The more he, by and large, over the last 20 years and not learned», – said Gudkov.

Gennady Gudkov: Russia is dying. And gets up from his knees 17.08.2017

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