Gennady Gudkov, Putin ceased to control Chechnya

The persecution of Muslims in Myanmar became only the occasion for a rally in Grozny, which, according to the Chechen interior Ministry, was attended by 1.1 million people. This opinion was expressed by the Russian opposition politician, former Deputy of the State Duma of Russia Gennady Gudkov in Facebook.

«Putin has ceased to control Chechnya. Who of you, dear compatriots, is capable without error immediately pronounce the country name «Myanmar»? And who knows where it is on the world map? Who has ever been in this mysterious Myanmar?» – he wrote.

The politician noted that from the reports of the world media know that a few days ago, Islamic militants simultaneously attacked in Myanmar about 30 police posts.

«This was preceded by a long conflict with the migrant community, predominantly of the Muslim faith… the government of Myanmar (formerly Burma) immediately announced in response to the counter-terrorism operation. What it is and what it is fraught, I think, very well understood in Russia and especially in Chechnya. Do you think the population of Chechnya, for years, exhausted by wars and devastation, knows about Myanmar more than I do? Highly doubt it,» he said.

According to Gudkov, to go on a huge rally Chechens «made the call for the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

«Muslims beat!» And not seeing the road, not knowing about Myanmar nothing, not even the name of the country, millions took to the streets of Chechnya. To protect the insulted faith, or to support their leader? I am sure that the second. Why Kadyrov, and not for the first time? After all, he could not know that President Putin went to the summit of the BRICS (the only international structure, where we in Russia are called), where one of the main issues will be the common fight against terrorism, which at present are, in particular, the government of Burma, that is Myanmar,» he said.

The opposition politician noted that it is impossible to imagine that the arrival of US President Donald trump at a similar summit was accompanied by a statement of the state of Texas against the counter-terrorist operation «somewhere in Libya.»

«I suppose it is not a defense of the faith (which would then Kadyrov not to a million after the terrible attacks of his co-religionists in France, Syria or Bangladesh). Giant rallies Kadyrov shows (not for the first time), who in the Caucasus a real master, able to bring his subjects (not to say worse) to the demonstration of loyalty to their idol. Of course, this is not Putin. This Palace politeness Putin – Kadyrov’s head, but in reality – just a convenient partner for some time,» – said Gudkov.

The politician added that a couple months ago, saving on the regions, the Russian government tried to cut budget subsidies to Chechnya, which represent more than 83% of the consolidated budget of the Republic.

«All regions, of course, said nothing and even tighter cinched waist. All except Chechnya. I dare the President of the Russian Federation after the meetings to pay tribute to Kadyrov a smaller size? Would you dare? That’s why the owner of Chechnya, without asking permission, boldly raises a million to a rally in his support. The Muslims of Myanmar is just a convenient excuse and understandable to the masses the slogan» – he explained.

Gudkov added that the campaign in Chechnya, indirectly but very powerfully supported by the representatives of radical Islam.

«Oh where, where, as in Chechnya can best understand how dangerous radical Islam is to the life and health of people, including Muslims,» he concluded.

Gennady Gudkov, Putin ceased to control Chechnya 04.09.2017

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