General Hodges: US, of course, retain loyalty to Ukraine

The United States remains loyal to Ukraine and believe in the success of the reforms in the country, said commander of the US army in Europe Ben Hodges in an interview with «European truth«.

He noted that to reduce the danger of a new military escalation in the Donbas and helped Ukrainian military and Western support.

«But you have to realize that this support is not eternal. She will not be saved if we do not see that Ukraine continues on the path of reform. If there is no transparency in the expenditure of funds in the defense industry if the benefits the military will not be definitely transparent, if not increase control over the budget – then there will be a risk that some Western States will lose interest in Ukraine, or encounter the so-called «Ukraine fatigue». To prevent this scenario and maintain the trust of the West is your area of responsibility,» he said.

According to Hodges, the problem of corruption, lack of reforms is «the vulnerability of Ukraine, which Russia uses every day to undermine the Ukrainian government and the trust of Ukrainians to the state institutions.»

He stressed that reforms are no less important than tanks or artillery.

Speaking about the danger of «fatigue from Ukraine», Hodges said that there are States, «which was and is a very high level of expectations for change in Ukraine».

«Actually, all countries have expectations regarding reforms in the area of transparency, the fight against corruption. But the US, of course, pledge allegiance to Ukraine. Whether we believe in the success of the reforms? Absolutely! Therefore, in Ukraine now there are 250 American soldiers, last week I was with them at the Yavoriv training ground. With Ukraine, we are partners. A partnership means shared responsibility for the success,» he said.

From April 2014, in the East of Ukraine continued armed conflict. Fighting underway between the Armed forces of Ukraine and Pro-Russian rebels who control part of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

General Hodges: US, of course, retain loyalty to Ukraine 04.12.2017

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