Geleta met service employees of the state wedding of the son of Lutsenko

The head of the state security Department (HUGO) Valeriy geletey believes that involving employees HUGO to service the wedding of the son of Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko was not only valid, but necessary. A preview of his interview appeared in the Twitter of the program «Schemes» (joint project of «Radio Liberty» and «NTU»).

Geletey said that the amount involved in such activities of employees of the state cannot be restricted. «If I have information that in danger, that I will make as many people as necessary… Maybe it will work,» he said.

The chief HUGO added that the journalist «Schemes» of Michael Weaver did not admit to the territory of the complex Queen Country Club, which hosted the wedding, so as not to identify it.

«Where is the guarantee that there will be Michael weaver – the understudy? All say: «Oh, we know you, Mr. Michael! Come on in.» It’ll take us some trouble,» said geleta.

On the question of why near the site of the celebration there was a fire truck, head of the Department answered that she was there and refueled.

The presence of ambulances geleta explained that among the guests were elderly statesmen. «We have presidents for 80 years… We think about everything,» – he stressed.

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Geleta met service employees of the state wedding of the son of Lutsenko 25.09.2017

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