Gazprom surprised Poroshenko said Ukraine is the winner in the Stockholm arbitration

The Russian company «Gazprom» believe that the decision of the Stockholm arbitration on the dispute with the company «Naftogaz Ukraine» was adopted in her favor, and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko misinformed about the outcome of the case. About it on air of TV channel «Russia 24» said the Deputy Chairman of the Board «Gazprom» Alexander Medvedev.

«President Poroshenko announced a complete and unconditional victory, which at the very least strange and allows you to think about whether it is informed of the outcome of the arbitration. We believe that the claim «Gazprom» in the basic provisions fully satisfied. And how is the Ukrainian side called «spit in the eye – all God’s dew» – he said.

December 22 «Naftogaz Ukraine» declared victory over «Gazprom» on gas supply contract on all contentious issues. In the Ukrainian company said that the requirements of the Russian monopoly’s terms «take or pay» in the amount of $56 billion completely rejected. According to «Naftogaz» required annual volume of gas reduced more than 10 times. Stockholm arbitration Tribunal ruled that Naftogaz should not have to pay for gas, which «Gazprom» ostensibly set in the occupied Donbass.

Poroshenko called the outcome of the arbitration «historic victory».

«If there was a loss in this court, before Ukraine there would be a direct threat of default,» he said.

In «Gazprom» stated that the Stockholm arbitration court recognized the applicable basic provisions of the contract for the supply of gas from Russia to Ukraine and met most of the demands of the Russians on payment of the delivered gas. The company argued that the final decision the court obliged «Naftogaz» to pay the amount of arrears in the amount of $2 billion and interest for late payment (0,03% for each day from 22 December 2017).

Gazprom surprised Poroshenko said Ukraine is the winner in the Stockholm arbitration 26.12.2017

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