Garden told why Yatsenyuk’s government remained in power

The leader of the party «Samopomich», Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovy believes that the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk remained in power as a result of the collusion of elites.

He declared it in interview «Segodnya» and also spoke about the call of the President on February 16, the day of the vote for no confidence in the Cabinet.

Garden on the Constitution: blackmail and bribery can do a lot

«Today I understand it was a conspiracy. Of these clocks is to circle all around your finger. Actually they looked. People are not stupid – people understand everything very well,» said Garden.

According to him, «the first votes in which the coalition does not find understanding in yourself and start to invite people from outside, ex — «regionals», showed that something here not so».

«It was time, it was two, then the vote for the appointment of the Prosecutor General Viktor Shokina, and many laws that are not really useful for the country. We to the last hoped that the President and the Parliament are aware of their personal responsibility for the situation in the country,» said Garden.

«Of course, the catalyst of the process was the voting for the resignation of the government. The President personally called me and said, «I decided. Yatsenyuk must escape, Shokin must go». I said, «Mr. President, Bravo!», — said Garden.

Garden said that Petro Poroshenko phoned him to Express condolences in connection with death of the father – «and immediately said that he took a serious decision, a statement».

«I actually was in a very difficult condition, because my father… And calls the President with such an important decision, informs me. When I then at the end of the day took the printout and looked, who and as voted, I was so hurt a little. Because the most valuable thing you can have on a very large position, is respect. And when it begins to fade, very difficult,» said the leader of «Samopomich».

According to him, «this vote and these maps, which are opened up, given the understanding that in fact no coalition and no» – and therefore extraordinary «seers» of the party (members of political Council, heads of allergenicity, faction members) February 18, decided to leave the coalition: «we Have had discussions and deliberations. But this has United everyone, and everyone voted».

Garden stressed that «40 devotees of the President (in PPB) did not vote for the resignation of the government, although all said unanimously that the decision will be».

«That didn’t vote «the Opposition bloc» — it was understandable, because they have with Arseniy Yatsenyuk wonderful relationship. That didn’t vote the party, controlled by other oligarchs, is also clear. Had no issues,» he said.

«And the fact that Poroshenko’s party did not vote, and before that, three hours before the vote, he gave a loud statement to the entire international community, is actually a shock,» said Garden.

Recall, February 16, the Verkhovna Rada did not have 32 votes («for» there were only 194 of 226 needed) to send the government of Yatsenyuk. In accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, in the next three weeks Yatsenyuk is to propose a new composition of the government either to resign, otherwise it will be considered the question of confidence in him personally.

Next week about its withdrawal from the ruling coalition «European Ukraine» officially announced the faction of the party «Samopomich» and «Fatherland».

The faction of the Radical party withdrew from the coalition in 2015.

The leader of the «Movement for the purification», the head of the Odessa regional state administration of Mikheil Saakashvili also urged to leave the ranks of the coalition «Block of Petro Poroshenko». «…In this situation to stay in the coalition would be a serious mistake,» he said.

Saakashvili called the government team of Yatsenyuk «corrupt», not able to carry out reforms and such, which directly depends on the richest Ukrainian businessman, former member of the parliamentary faction of the Party of regions Rinat Akhmetov, and from Igor Kolomoisky, Mykola Martynenko and other oligarchs.

While de jure «European Ukraine» still has 226 MPs, because a few «radicals» Lyashko not withdrew their signatures.

According to article 83 of the Constitution, a coalition of parliamentary factions shall consist of a majority of MPs from the constitutional composition of the Verkhovna Rada.

The coalition originally consisted of five factions: «Block Poroshenko», «popular front», «Radical party», «Batkivschyna» and «Samopomich». Only 283 MPs.

Garden on the Constitution: blackmail and bribery can do a lot

Garden considers it wrong to change the Constitution for non-peaceful time, but admits that by pressure it can do.

«Blackmail, bribery and pressure has a lot to do in Ukraine. But it will not be useful for Ukraine», — he said.

Garden admits that blackmail and bribery are possible «on the part of those who want to usurp power».

«I call it the «Pechersk-Bermuda triangle». It is the presidential administration, the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers, which attracts all the capital of our state and there disappear. And the oligarchy is fighting who will be dominant there,» added the leader of «Samopomich».

According to him, if to compare the current legislation regarding local self-government with the proposed option – «no change at all» «Have the same powers – they’re just different rewritten».

«But there is one problem: the right of the head of the country, having under the new Constitution, prefects, to take a decision alone regarding the removal of the city managers or the dissolution of the local government indefinitely,» said Garden.

«Given the Soviet mentality, what might it look like? For example, the head of the regional administration, or in the future, the prefect, to whom you want to transfer the current powers of the Prosecutor’s office actually causes any mayor or village head and said: «Listen, we need to solve something». He said, «Look, I can’t, it’s against the law» – «But you know I’ll shoot you?», — to dream Garden.

«He who will rest, in the name of revolution, in the name of anything else(about this): «He’s a traitor!», and was removed from work for an indefinite period, yet somewhere the constitutional Court will make a decision. It could be a year, maybe two,» added Garden.

«What is decentralization? This usurpation of power. In fact, we are against this clearly stated its position. And local government, and the party «Samopomich», and I personally as mayor of the city. Because you have to tell people the truth,» he said.

Garden stressed that changes to the Constitution, which concern the occupied territories now, «also there are a lot of questions».

«So let’s be law-abiding. In times of war and turmoil since the Constitution doesn’t change», he said.

According to Garden, the current Constitution «gives you the opportunity to work,» and «we need to work to take adequate honest people and show the result».

Garden told why Yatsenyuk’s government remained in power 24.02.2016

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