Ganapolsky: Putin made a big mistake. In their actions Sobchak has passed red line

Russian journalist and the candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation Ksenia Sobchak project is not the Kremlin, and parents, of their programs, friends, environment and a constructive mind. About it the Ukrainian journalist and TV presenter Matvey Ganapolsky said the radio station «Echo of Moscow».

«Well, she apparently agreed with Russian President Vladimir Putin that he will run. Obtained consent. And now running. But this is a completely different song. Apparently, in an oral contract it was agreed that personally insult she will not, but no more. That was Putin’s big mistake. For their actions Sobchak has passed the red line. The fact that she is not a Kremlin project, it became clear for me when she appealed to the Supreme court, trying to accept the participation of Putin’s illegal, as it exceeded the amount of time and violated the Constitution,» – said the journalist.

According to the presenter, Putin is not afraid of insults.

«But to go to the Supreme court, is quite another. Then there is the unjust decision of the court in support of Putin, where will the judge’s signature, after which Putin is to remember. Here voiced the idea that Putin is, in fact, can be in a new period of an illegitimate President. Moreover that he is illegitimate. And, therefore, null and void his Executive orders and regulations», – he said.

The journalist said that Sobchak Putinism reduces to the level of the regime from a legal perspective.

«And it has its own native Sobchak, which Putin probably gave the candy To her… no one did. Alexei Navalny could be doing a lot. But he is an enemy of Putin by definition. And then the girl from high society… it is Important that Sobchak consistently does. And everything, unlike the other candidates, it does not for his campaign, and for all of us,» he concluded.

26 December 2017, the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation allowed Sobchak to participate in the presidential elections which will be held on 18 March 2018.

Putin goes for them as an independent candidate.

Sobchak filed in the Supreme court of Russia the complaint to the registration of Putin as presidential candidate on February 14. In the complaint she asks the court to cancel the decision of the CEC of Russia of 6 February, which the current President of the Russian Federation were officially registered as a candidate for the presidency.

Sobchak stressed that Putin has three times been President of Russia from 2000 to 2008-th years, and from 2012 through 2018, and in accordance with the Constitution, no longer has the right to nominate his candidacy to this post.

In accordance with part 3 of article 81 of the Constitution, “one and the same person may hold the office of President of the Russian Federation for more than two consecutive terms.“

According to the survey «Levada-center», held from 1 to 5 December 2017, the current President in the elections is ready to support the 61% of Russians. Sobchak goes on elections under the slogan «Against all». At a meeting with voters on 1 December, she stressed that he opposes «the government, against Putin.»

Ganapolsky: Putin made a big mistake. In their actions Sobchak has passed red line 26.02.2018

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