Ganapolsky: Opened the order to murder Bulk

The Russian authorities have actually announced the order for the murder of opposition politician Alexei Navalny. About it in the blog on «echo of Moscow» wrote the journalist Matvey Ganapolsky, commenting on the failure of police and prosecutors to continue the investigation of the attack on the policy.

«I’m sure that opened the order to murder the Bulk. In order to open the order, it is enough to clearly explain to potential murderers that, as always, when the government order to murder the real customers and performers will take responsibility. Today this order is announced by the mouth of the Prosecutor General, which stated that the investigation into the attack on Navalny, in which he received a chemical burn to the eye and almost lost vision, it’s locked,» said Ganapolsky.

He compared the situation to the Bulk situation, where shortly before his death was Boris Nemtsov.

«Yes, to deal with the Bulk is for the power of hate. Yes vzvoyut the public, will announce any sanctions, the liberal system will be flowers and portraits to the location. These portraits and flowers will daily to clean Sobyanin (Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin. – «GORDON») for the sake of a clean city. Then tell you what Putin learned of the massacre, was furious. Then go to Chechnya to find the killers, but they «will not open the door.» Further, the Prosecutor’s office announced that the murder is connected with the last business Bulk – he swindled partners and they evened the score. Something like that. In short, we have all been through – everything will be gray and humdrum,» wrote the author.

Ganapolsky added that he does not know the way to stop the impending assassination.

27 APR Bulk poured green paint in the incident, the policy had to call an ambulance. The opposition leader made the diagnosis «a chemical burn of the right eye».

On 28 April, the TV channel REN TV has published a recording of the attack on Navalny. The video was to retouch the face of your assailant and another man who allegedly walked around.

Blogger Radmir, who analyzed the recording from the surveillance cameras, identified in attacking a member of the radical movements of SERB Alexander Petrunko.

Earlier Petrunko attacked Bulk in the same place on 25 February 2016, throwing the cake in politics.

May 2, Navalny said that in the attack his eyes lost 80% of vision.

On 4 may, the Moscow police opened a criminal case in connection with the incident under article «beating».

July 13, Navalny published the letter of Prosecutor’s office of his lawyer, which referred to the suspension of the investigation because «failed to set the person subject to attraction as accused».

Ganapolsky: Opened the order to murder Bulk 14.07.2017

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