Galkin said that in order Pugacheva became Orthodox

Russian showman Maxim Galkin confessed that for the sake of his wife, singer Alla Pugacheva, he underwent the rite of baptism. He told this in an interview with Life.

«I recently became Orthodox. It happened about fifteen years ago. I was baptized in a small Church. I decided to do it consciously. If you love the person, why not?» – he explained.

According to Galkina, second wedding is not prohibited by the Church.

«Maybe it is not welcome, but it is permissible. Third, in this age, as Alla, is not permitted. And the second Yes,» he explained.

Wedding video with Pugacheva announced her husband, showman Maxim Galkin.

Pugacheva also married with her ex-husband, singer Filipp Kirkorov. With him she lived in marriage from 1994 to 2005. The singer admitted that she regretted about the first wedding.

Galkin said that in order Pugacheva became Orthodox 23.11.2017

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