Fury can pay Klitschko for the cancellation of the rematch 10 million euros

Team Tyson fury is considering the possibility to use the option in the contract, namely to pay Wladimir Klitschko is a fine and thus avoid a rematch, according to Sport.ua with reference to its sources.

The rematch was in the contract for a November fight. In case of defeat of Ukrainian, its organizer was the team of Tyson fury and British took upon themselves the obligation not to hold up this fight any other fights. The breach of contract would entail a penalty for the team Tyson fury, who, according to our information, a percentage fee dependent on the British to fight in Dusseldorf. The issue price is 10 million euros.

Apparently, in the team Tyson fury are not sure that the rematch will be for the British as well as the first fight. Pay such a hefty fine is a serious financial and image impact on the team is the defending champion. On the other hand, this will allow Tyson fury is mandatory to carry out the protection and even unification fights with Champions of other versions and thus at much lower risks of lesions to compensate for the payment of the fine.

It is interesting that in this question there is no unity in the team is Tyson fury. That’s why delayed the decision of a question with the date and venue of the rematch. The team is confident that a rematch should be done in any case, as it will bring record revenues (up to € 70 million). Opposing them the second part of the team feared for the outcome of the confrontation, because, in their opinion, «Vladimir Klitschko won’t have two bad days in a row in the dates of battles». Himself Tyson fury is inclined to holding a rematch, but has no definite position on this matter. This, in particular, is confirmed by his recent interview, in which he makes contradictory statements.

It is expected that the decision to organize a rematch or to pay compensation will be taken during the week, because for the full preparation for the fight and advertising campaign requires at least two months

Fury can pay Klitschko for the cancellation of the rematch 10 million euros 15.02.2016

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