Funding Severodonetsk may be terminated due to illegal decisions of the city Council to dismiss the mayor — Tuk

The Chairman of Lugansk regional military-civil administration Georgy Tuka believes that today, 16 February, at an extraordinary session the decision of the Severodonetsk city Council on termination of powers of the mayor Valentin Kazakov by expressing his confidence, will result in the suspension of funding Severodonetsk.

He said that this decision, the town blocked any financial transactions today elected as Secretary of the city Council and acting mayor Gregory Priebe «arrogated to themselves the right of signature», UNIAN reports.

«Severodonetsk city Council’s anarchy has led to the fact that today, any payments to the city were blocked. No single fiscal authority will not accept documents signed by Priebe, as it is a criminal offence», — said the Chairman of the regional CAA.

According to tuki, the extraordinary session of the city Council, which vote the question of confidence in the mayor, was held with violations of the rules given to open session, only the mayor, but the Cossacks were absent because of illness. In addition, the «proposal on election of the Secretary and Deputy mayor serves the mayor. And the fact that distrust is not an automatic discharge of the mayor from work».

«Therefore I declare that today in Severodonetsk — anarchy», — said Fat.

According to him, lawyers are already working on the appeal of illegal decisions of the city Council.

As reported, city Council of Severodonetsk of Lugansk region today, 16 February, at an extraordinary session by secret ballot to terminate the powers of the mayor Valentin Kazakov, expressing no confidence in him. Himself mayor at session was absent because of illness.

Also at this session the deputies elected the Secretary General of the Council and of Gregory Priebe – head of the regional party organization of the Radical party. It was noted that to restore Kazakova in office by a court (or until a special election) Priebe will perform the duties of the mayor of Severodonetsk.

Earlier, Tuck had said that earlier dismissed from the post of Secretary of Severodonetsk city Council ex-«regional» Igor Butkov mobilizes MPs under his control to declare distrust to the mayor Valentin Kazakov.

Severodonetsk businessman Igor Butkov after the last election, successfully gained to his side by several members of the «democratic» direction, actually personally appointed himself Secretary of the city Council. The second step was, again contrary to the regulations, the mayor Valentin Kazakov (incidentally, the same ex-«regional» and Butkov), as many as seven deputies. Cossacks was forced to appeal against this decision in session court.

Today the work of the city Council virtually paralysed; some primary decisions that affect the livelihoods of the urban economy, for six months pending adoption.

Funding Severodonetsk may be terminated due to illegal decisions of the city Council to dismiss the mayor — Tuk 17.02.2016

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