FSB showed «confessions» of detainees in the Sevastopol «saboteurs»

The Federal security service of the Russian Federation released footage of the alleged recognition of the people detained in the Crimea as a Ukrainian «saboteurs». Write about this RIA «Novosti» with reference to the Center of public relations of FSB of Russia.

Arrested in Sevastopol Alexey Bessarabov and Dmitry Shtyblikov say in the video that they allegedly instructed the preparation of a sabotage and intelligence-gathering in the Crimea.

«Before joining the Crimea to Russia, I worked under the legend of the journalist of the public organization Center «NOMOS» – said Shtyblikov on camera.

According to him, the organization has collected information about the security of the black sea region, studied the political situation, the activities of nationalist organizations, Cossack organizations and the organizations of the Crimean Tatars.

After the annexation of Crimea by Russia Shtyblikov «change legend» and, according to him, got a job in one of the offices of the Ministry of defense of Russia as a civil servant.

According to the man, his task was «to gather intelligence on the location and organization of new units of the Russian Armed forces in Crimea, the selection of targets for sabotage, intelligence gathering and data on the composition, deployment, organizational structure, tasks of military units on the territory of Crimea», as well as coverage of information on military exercises in the Crimea.

Basarbov answered Yes to the camera: «I am a soldier of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine». According to him, he worked as an assistant and chief assistant of information and analytical Department of the Ukrainian Navy in Odessa and later an officer of the Department of special investigation headquarters of the Navy.

Last week, the FSB stated that on 9 November in Sevastopol detained «participants diversionno-terrorist group of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine». It later emerged that the detained Bessarabov, Alexey Evgenyevich, Shtyblikov Dmitry Medvedev and Dudko, Vladimir.

Three suspected of preparing acts of sabotage were arrested.

The intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine has denied that in the Crimea detained its employees.

FSB showed «confessions» of detainees in the Sevastopol «saboteurs» 14.11.2016

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