FSB opened Maltsev against the terrorist community media

The Federal security service of the Russian Federation opened a criminal case against Russian opposition leader Vyacheslav Maltsev. About it writes the edition «the Media», citing a source familiar with the investigation.

The case opened under part 1 of article 205.4 of the Criminal code (a terrorist organization).

Against five companions Maltsev Alexander Svishchev, the Roots of Yuri, Andrey, Ceptu, Andrei Tolkachev and Hope Petrov – opened the case under part 2 of article 205.4 of the criminal code (participation in a terrorist community).

In addition, Tolkachev suspected of preparing a terrorist act by a group of persons (paragraph 1 of article 30, paragraph «A» of part 2 of article 205 of the criminal code).

According to Russian investigators, no later than October 2016, the defendants, members of the movement «Artpodgotovka», organized the community to carry out terrorist attacks.

The FSB claims that Maltsev instructed Petrova and Svisheva to plan terrorist attacks, and other three suspects and other unidentified persons – to perform them.

11 Oct Tolkachev allegedly transferred to the Roots and Kepte gasoline with which they were going to set fire to the pallets and hay at the Manege square in Moscow.

According to investigators, the fistula under the guidance of Peter, was on 5 November with the help of climbing equipment and electric saws to bring down an electricity pylon in the Moscow region. Petrov, according to the FSB, November 5, was, together with other activists to set fire to the buildings of the Executive authorities.

Also the FSB claim that the activists of the «artillery barrage» via the Internet want to request the early termination of powers of the Russian authorities.

July 4, supporters Maltsev reported that he had left Russia, but did not specify where. 10 October he was arrested in absentia.

Maltsev declared in the international wanted list, the Russian investigation may request his extradition to Russia.

26 October movement «Barrage», a Russian court declared extremist, reported channel «Rain».

On 3 November, the FSB said on the suppression of unlawful activities «conspiratorial cells» of the movement «Barrage». According to the Russian security services, the activists of the «artillery barrage» was planned for November 4-5, 2017, «to make the resonance of extremist action in the form of arsons of administrative buildings with the use of incendiary devices and attack the police to provoke riots».

Maltsev November 3, stated that the organization «Artillery», but there is only a YouTube channel with the same name.

FSB opened Maltsev against the terrorist community media 11.11.2017

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