From under the rubble of a house in the center of Kiev got five people, all in serious condition. The police found the owner

From the rubble of the collapsed house in Kiev got to the fifth survivors. About it reports a press-service of the Antimonopoly in Kiev.

«At 19:10 from the rubble of another released person which was sent to the hospital, — is told in the message.

Thus, saved 5 people have already noted in gschs. «Earlier, at 16:50 saved by 1 person, at 17:15 saved by 1 person in 17:40 — rescued two people. People are taken to hospital», — rescuers report.

All five survivors are in serious condition, reports «».

«Now you have the information saved five and the sixth man had heard under the rubble, he said. Even sixth man is still alive. Now rescuers are trying to rescue him from the rubble. All five are in serious condition,» – said on the channel.

As noted, according to the information SSES, they are all aimed at 17-th city clinical hospital, where they receive medical care.

«We know that there is information about one killed. This information from the press Secretary of the Kyiv city Chairman Vitaly Klitschko. Now, here in the place of the event do not confirm this information», – said the correspondent of the TV channel.

Meanwhile Kiev police have identified the owner of the collapsed building, currently under investigations with the people working there, said the Deputy head of the Main Directorate of the National police in Kiev Alexander Brewer.

«Now set the owner of the house, will set up the rest of the owners as well as those who made construction and other work,» he told reporters at the scene, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

According to him, at present the pretrial investigation is held. «With those workers who were not injured in the collapse of the house, has already conducted investigations to determine who hired them, how and under what conditions they worked,» stressed Brewer.

As reported, today, February 25, in the center of Kiev in alarm evacuated the building on the street of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, 12, collapsed floors between the basement and the first floor. As a result of the collapsed beams were piled in the basement builders. Being their salvation.

Press Secretary of the mayor reported that this building is a disaster, residents were evacuated from it in 2004. «Construction work was carried out with violation of safety standards. The administration figures out whether issued a permit to conduct repair work,» said Oksana Zinoviev.

In gschs also said that evacuated the five-storey building during disassembly of the inner walls there was a collapse of overlappings from the fifth to the first floor.

Kyiv city state administration has already informed the drivers about the temporary restriction of movement on the street Bohdan Khmelnytsky due to the collapse of the house.

From under the rubble of a house in the center of Kiev got five people, all in serious condition. The police found the owner 26.02.2016

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