From UAH 5 bn in Bank assets, «Michael» there were only 138 million

The real value of the assets of the bankrupt Bank «Michael» — only 138 million hryvnia, although on paper they are 5.1 billion. This was reported by the press service of the Deposit guarantee Fund with reference to the act of forming of liquidation mass.

Valuation of assets confirmed by three companies: ZAO «Consultingservice», PE «Vital-Pro» and «Ukrainian expert group».

In the process of liquidation in the first place can be sold to a private property of the Bank: old computers, furniture, cash register equipment, ATMs. These things are estimated at 30.5 million. On the Bank’s balance sheet there is no space or land for commercial use, of vehicles, only the trailer «Suntay 2000».

Other assets, primarily loan portfolios of legal entities and individuals, had been withdrawn a few days before the introduction of the interim administration.

The loan portfolio of legal entities, the amount of which in the financial statements of the Bank amounted to 1.48 billion, the independent valuers estimated at 59.5 million. Such figures are explained by the fact that almost the entire credit portfolio of legal entities were the loans associated with the owner of the Bank companies in the amount of 1.2 billion UAH; on the eve of recognition of the Bank insolvent by fictitious oborudo were withdrawn from the Bank.

On the Bank’s balance sheet remains credit agreements without the proper security. For example, on one of the contracts of almost a billion hryvnia collateral of agricultural land in Makariv district, Kyiv region worth UAH 50 million. But selling them is impossible, since Ukraine has a land moratorium. Quality of credit portfolio of natural persons has also launched a Finance company. We are talking about more than 110 thousand loan agreements for a total amount of 682,30 million.
According to the facts of the DGF filed seven statements about the criminal offences.

On the day of introduction of provisional administration at the Bank of 35.07 million of cash.

Recall, the NBU recognized Bank «Michael» insolvent may 23, 2016. The reimbursement of depositors «Michael» began on 15 July 2016. According to the Fund, on November 14, was paid 1.27 billion hryvnia. About 20 thousands of ordinary investors, «Michael» has already received its guaranteed government money. However, a significant portion of its customers actually using the Bank invested in the company «Individual clearing centre» (IRC) and OOO «investment center» on the agreement of financial loan. Customer deposits of financial companies in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine is not guaranteed, but the Verkhovna Rada adopted special law, that they also received compensation.

Bank «Michael» belonged to the owner of a network «Eldorado» Viktor Polishchuk. The institution was established in the summer of 2013 for crediting of clients Polishchuk.

From UAH 5 bn in Bank assets, «Michael» there were only 138 million 24.01.2017

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