From the leader of «ISIL» wife ran away

The wife of the leader of the terrorist group «Islamic state» Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi fled from the camp of militants in Nineveh province in Northern Iraq, reports TASS with reference to the channel Al-Sumaria.

According to media reports, we are talking about German by nationality Diane Kruger, who disappeared «under mysterious and still unexplained circumstances».

As noted, along with his wife al-Baghdadi also lost two women who were constantly with Kruger and was regarded as her assistants. The leader of the Islamic state have identified an elite group to inquire about the whereabouts of his wife and her detention. The fate of German women to date, nothing is known.

It is known that the wedding of the leader of the «IG» and Diane Kruger held on 8 October last year in an atmosphere of secrecy. German after the wedding was the acting head of the «Sharia court» of the Islamic state for women’s Affairs, which operated in occupied by terrorists Iraqi provinces.

Note that al-Baghdadi is not the first time loses a spouse. So, the end of 2014, the Lebanese authorities claimed to have caught a wife of the leader of the «Islamic state», together with his daughter. The local police claimed that the girl’s relationship with al-Baghdadi was confirmed by DNA analysis. In neighboring Iraq, however, this information was denied, stating that the detained had the terrorist sister.

From the leader of «ISIL» wife ran away 29.02.2016

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