From the captivity of militants released four more Ukrainians

From the captivity of militants released three Ukrainians. About this on Twitter said the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with reference to the authorized President of Ukraine on the peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions Irina Gerashchenko.

«Irina Gerashchenko reported that three Ukrainian heroes are released from captivity of militants. Glory To Ukraine!», — he wrote.

«The Chairman of the SBU announced the names of our heroes are released from captivity. This is senior Sergeant Garnag, Junior Sergeant Dmitruk, soldier Makukha, «he added.

Later it became known that militants freed from captivity for the Ukrainian fourth hostage Vadim Kirpichenko. This was reported to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the Chairman of SBU Vasily Gritsakhas informed the head of state in Twitter.

«As reported to have just Vasily Gritsak, a Ukrainian hero released Vadim Kirpichenko,» said he.

Gerashchenko added that in captivity of militants on the territory temporarily occupied Donbas remain 134 of a citizen of Ukraine.

«Today in captivity are still 134 Ukrainian. We are ready to compromise and now together with the SBU, interdepartmental center, which is headed by Yuri Kochanov, are preparing for the Minsk meeting proposals,» she said.

Gerashchenko added that the release of the hostages will be key during the meeting of the TAG and humanitarian sub-group in Minsk, where the Ukrainian side will propose new initiatives for the liberation of its citizens.

«In fact, after a four-month pause, the process of release of hostages finally unlocked. Thanks to the persistent efforts of many people, including the SBU and the «Minsk group», — said Gerashchenko.

«There is evidence to suggest that the days will be more news,» added the MP.

Gerashchenko told the details of the release from captivity of three Ukrainian military fighters.

«Sergeant Sergey Garnag was wounded while on duty and was captured in may 2015 here by Marinka», — she noted.

«Today, near the area of Mariinka, which is almost on the line of contact, the operation took place the release of three of our heroes. Soldiers Alexander Makuch exactly a year spent in captivity of militants. Together with their friends they defended debaltseve… several of his sworn brothers, unfortunately, remain in captivity. Sergeant Sergei Dmitruk held in the dungeons of militants almost a year and a half,» added Gerashchenko.

According to Gerashchenko, for the release of Ukrainian soldiers fought the President, the SBU, Minsk humanitarian group, but most of all — their families.

«They are wonderful mothers, wives believed that the guys will be on the loose, and as he could, morally supported children. And I am very happy today for Alla Makuch, Lyudmila Garnag and all the relatives of our heroes. Heart aches that remain hostages of their friends and colleagues, but will make every effort to follow soon there was good news for other families. Work and will do everything possible to free the heroes,» she added.

«The first calls, wiping her tears mom and wife. There is whining and tears, too. Tomorrow they will be together. Sergey from Volhynia. Two children. There eldest 5 years old, the youngest is 2, he was called, when the baby was a month… «I did not see how he went as he began to speak,» says Sergey. But it’s all over, tomorrow the kids will be with your wonderful dad. The most emotional moment — when we move our post. And they have others. Smile. Eat our Apple. Young, beautiful, free!», — said Commissioner President of Ukraine.

Recall that January 13 in Minsk the participants of the Trilateral contact group on settling the situation in Donbas agreed to free more than 50 prisoners on both sides. However the occupiers block the release of prisoners on lists.

Commissioner of the President of Ukraine on resolving the situation in Donbas, a member of the subgroup for the exchange of prisoners in Minsk, Irina Herashchenko said about the failure of Russia and its militants controlled the humanitarian aspects of the Minsk agreements.

She recalled that in the captivity of militants remains, according to updated information from the security service of Ukraine, Ukrainians 137. 10 of them are in prisons of the Russian Federation.

She said that the militants have stated that they can apply to the Ukrainians the death penalty based on the Criminal code is not an existing country — Soviet Union. «It’s shocking in its cynicism reminiscent of the rhetoric of the ISIS,» said Gerashchenko.

From the captivity of militants released four more Ukrainians 20.02.2016

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