From Lviv took out almost half of the trash. Groisman requires a new waste-processing complex

On the morning of 27 January in Lviv were cleaned nearly half of all sites.

About it at meeting of coordination Council was informed by the Director of housing and communal services Department of the regional state administration Nazariy Romanchuk, informs UKRINFORM.

Lviv debris opened a Twitter account

«On the morning of 27 January in the regional center removed the garbage from 184 container yards of solid waste, accounting for 47.6% of the total number,» – said Romanchuk.

According to officials, work on the export of solid waste will continue until the complete purification of the city from garbage.

«All crowded container yard of Lviv plan to clean up until Sunday,» said Romanchuk.

He said that the city government has already transferred the agreements signed with local authorities, the polygons of which the removal of solid waste from the regional center.

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said that the Lviv city government should build a new waste-processing complex for 6 months.

«City authorities will undertake to establish a landfill within 6 months», — wrote the Prime Minister on his page on the social network Twitter.

According to him, the new land will be allocated to Lviv for a new garbage processing complex.

Groisman said that the land for the construction of a new waste-processing complex will be transferred to Lviv in the shortest possible time without competition.

«Today we made the decision at the Commission meeting that I chaired that one of the three areas that we put up for the contest, will be removed from competition and will be transferred to the Lviv city Council quickly, so they began the design and construction of such a polygon and complex waste management», — said the Prime Minister.

According to him, the European investment Bank has accepted to consideration the project to Finance the construction of new garbage processing complex.

Groisman said that the landfill is for solid waste required to conduct the remediation – decontamination, clean up the filtrate.

The Prime Minister added that next week he intends to send to Lviv of the representatives of Central bodies of Executive power, which should help in solving the problems of waste.

Problems with garbage removal from Lviv have been going on for several months. May 29, 2016 in the village of Velyki hrybovychi where is Lviv landfill, the fire started. The fire was soon extinguished, but the next day, a landslide occurred and under the rubble were four people — three rescuers and the employee of the municipal enterprise. The bodies of three of those people are found, and the fourth body could not be found.

SEL Great Grabovica after the incident, banned the lions take out the trash to the dump. After that, the city began to export waste to various landfills in the region and other regions.

On 23 January, the media reported that Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovy appealed to the city administration of Lublin, Poland with a request to pick up garbage in Lviv.

Lviv debris opened a Twitter account

Lviv garbage now has his own account on the social network Twitter.

In the account of the Lviv comedians placed a humorous and sarcastic notes about missed waste in Lviv, photos and site addresses are turned into garbage, tells of the adventures of Lviv garbage outside the region, and the like.

«Since tourism and it are priorities in Lviv, now city Council is considering two options: trash tourism and digitalization» trash — tweeting.

Users joke that in Lviv decided to create » garbage police, who will monitor the sorting of waste and the like, although it would be quite appropriate.

From Lviv took out almost half of the trash. Groisman requires a new waste-processing complex 27.01.2017

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