From inter fired controversial chief editor

After the scandal in the air of inter TV channel as a creative producer Mary Stolyarov fired from «details of the week». This is stated in the order, published on the website Details.

Stolyarov was dismissed «by agreement of the parties».

As explained in the article, Stolyarov fired not because of the insult of the Heavenly hundred, and for the «abusive language during the live broadcast on Sunday, February 21».

The producer in the explanatory Memorandum claims that her swearing has not been the integration of the square, and was intended for the team in the Studio. While carpenter has removed her page in Facebook, where it has long spreading photo that carpenter captured in the company of representatives of illegal armed groups «DNR», called «the polite force» and «favorite guys».

Recall that carpenter was at the center of a scandal after he swore while turning the Maidan, where there was the honoring of the heroes of the Heavenly hundred. After that, the national Council of TV and radio and the SBU stated that will verify statements Stolyarova, which is also made in social networks a number of odious statements.

From inter fired controversial chief editor 24.02.2016

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