From Blackie demand explanations regarding his interview on the occupied territories for rossm

The Minister for the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Vadim Chernysh needs to explain how his statements in an interview to the Russian propaganda resource corresponds to the official position of the Ukrainian government, and to provide an explanation of why he makes the statement for publication of an aggressor state. With the corresponding petition addressed to the official January 25, 2017 officially appealed the people’s Deputy of Ukraine, Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on issues of freedom of speech and information policy Sergey Vysotsky («popular front»).

A copy of the document placed on the page in Facebook the people’s Deputy.

As noted Vysotsky, interview of the Minister «harms national interests of Ukraine» and its spread «harmful information security».

In particular, his indignation was aroused by the fact that some regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions (ORDA) head the relevant Ministry calls Ukraine territories «not under control» and not occupied, as defined by the relevant decision of the Verkhovna Rada № 254-VIII dated 17 March 2015.

«Moreover, throughout the interview there is no mention of occupation or aggression of the Russian Federation. By Your words the impression that in Ukraine, the ongoing internal conflict, to stop which you need to «fight for the hearts and minds of the people» and to «seek to achieve a politico-diplomatic solution», — Vysotsky turns to Blackie.

«In an interview not even explain the reasons for the current situation… Not one word mentioned the need for the withdrawal of Russian troops and the cessation of large-scale violations of human rights by a state occupier,» — said the MP.

He also notes that Chernosem «very positively describes the processes of doing business in the occupied territories and crossing the respective goods of the demarcation line».

According to the Deputy on the page, in the absence of an explanation from the Minister, he «will continue to proceed in accordance with its powers».

«I was absolutely shocked. Because Blackie was released on 19 January, along with an interview with the President Poroshenko to The Wall Street Journal. At that time, the President publicly accused Russia of aggression, initiation of wars, violation of international law, the occupation of our territory, the Minister Blackie quietly discussed with the media of the aggressor some economic schemes-Ukraine»DNR»-Russia», — said the representative of the popular front.

At the same time in the same day, January 19, in interview to the Ukrainian «5 channel» Blackie talked about how he headed the Ministry is developing a «roadmap for the return of» ORDO:

«If the peace process, which is founded by the approval of the UN Security Council so-called Minsk agreements, there is provided that gradually those areas will come back. Now developed the road map for return. We must be ready, because when the Ukrainian authorities will go back everyone should be ready for this process».

Blackie is also known as an active opponent of the commercial blockade ORDO and the idea that children are occupied by Russian-terrorist forces of the territory of Donbass supposedly temporarily unable to study in Ukrainian universities, as it is dangerous.

From Blackie demand explanations regarding his interview on the occupied territories for rossm 25.01.2017

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