From 1 January the EU presidency from Slovakia goes to Malta

The presidency of the European Union Slovakia from 1 January transferred to Malta, no changes in the EU position towards Ukraine and Russia are expected. This was stated by a leading expert of the European policy centre, Amanda Paul, while commenting on the future presidency of Valletta in the EU, UNIAN reports.

«Frankly, I have no great expectations from Malta in terms of radical solutions or the influence on EU policy. Malta, first of all, is a small country and, given the internal crisis of the EU in many areas, it will be unrealistic to expect that such countries have had a significant impact on the development of events», — believes the expert.

Paul stated that Ukraine was never a priority for Malta.

«It’s okay, because geographically, Malta is the South, the developments in this region has for the country greater value and priority on the agenda is the issue of migration,» — said the expert.

However, she noted that Malta also does not apply to those countries which have friendly relations with Putin or «someone else from the Kremlin».

«But, on the other hand, Malta is also not completely Pro-Ukrainian. They are very far from that, and more interested in developments in the region. The position of the EU towards Ukraine and Russia as a result of the presidency of Malta will not change, but may change due to the political development in the EU», — the expert believes.

She recalled that, in particular, in France, elections will be held, where the winner is likely to win the Pro-Russian candidate.

«The presidency is not Malta, and the national elections will have a much greater influence on EU policy towards Ukraine and Russia», — said the Agency interlocutor.

This opinion is confirmed by Paul’s announcement of the programme of the presidency. In particular, the first item on the agenda for Malta is migration, where Valletta wants to achieve the implementation of the agreements already reached and to ensure the priority of the topic of migration on the agenda during its presidency.

The second issue indicates the Total market.

From 1 January the EU presidency from Slovakia goes to Malta 01.01.2017

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