From 1 April the aircraft will not be allowed to carry batteries from laptops and cell phones

International civil aviation organization (ICAO) is introducing from April 1 ban on transport aboard passenger aircraft lithium-ion batteries. The decision is justified by concerns of pilots and aircraft manufacturers about the fire risk of such batteries, according to with reference to Reuters.

The transport of lithium metal batteries commonly used in watches, are already banned for civilian airlines around the world. These batteries are not rechargeable, while lithium-ion batteries used in mobile phones and laptops can be charged.

The decision of the governing Council of ICAO will be effective from 1 April. The ban is until, while for lithium-ion batteries are not standards will be developed fire-resistant packaging. On cargo planes transporting this type of batteries are still allowed.

In the statement of the President of the international organization of Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu stated that the emergence of a standard of packaging expected in 2018. He noted that pilots and aircraft manufacturers are concerned about the lack of clarity around compliance with existing standards and, as a consequence, the inability to prevent fire or explosion of batteries.

Reuters expert, familiar with the work of ICAO, expressed doubt that the ban on Li-ion batteries really do passenger planes safer. He recalled that after the ban on lithium metal batteries began to give out for Li-ion. And in this case, carriers will be faced with cases of improper labelling of goods.

Lithium-ion batteries are today the most common energy storage devices for various gadgets — cameras, mobile phones, laptops, etc. They are considered a fire hazard because they can catch fire due to over-voltage during charging. To prevent such cases in battery placed special controllers, but the manufacturers can save on them or deliberately to refuse the controllers charge in favour of increasing the capacity of the device.

From 1 April the aircraft will not be allowed to carry batteries from laptops and cell phones 23.02.2016

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