French Engine refuses to pay for the gas and filed in the Stockholm arbitration suit against Gazprom

The company Engie S. A. (France) initiated arbitration proceedings against OOO «Gazprom export» in accordance with the rules of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm chamber of Commerce with the requirement to renegotiate the price under the contract for the supply of natural gas. This is stated in the report of the Russian company, RBC.

The lawsuit was filed on December 23, 2015. Until January 21 of the current year «Gazprom export» it is necessary to appoint an arbitrator and to submit to arbitration its response to the notice of initiation of the proceedings.

In «Gazprom» noted that at the moment we are also arbitration on the revision of the contract price, initiated by the companies DONG Energy, PGNiG, Botas and Shell.

The report stated that the arbitration proceedings previously initiated by the company Gasum Oy was completed on December 23, 2015 the agreement of the parties after the parties have found a commercial solution outside of arbitration.

In the Russian company said that in December 2015 the agreement on the revision of the rates for 2016 with the company SPP. Also in September 2015 was also adjusted conditions of supply companies «Cinergie the Italian and Premiumget».

The Russian gas monopolist also incurs huge losses because of the refusal of supplies to Ukraine.

«Russia thought that will put us on our knees, offered gas at 212 (dollars per thousand cubic meters, while gas from the EU is less than 200 — ed.). I have instructed the Minister’s calling to Russia, says: «No, your gas, we will not take» — said in late January the President Petro Poroshenko.

According to him, Ukraine buys gas in Europe, which cost cheaper than the Russian.

«Today we experienced the first winter without Russian gas», — he added.

The purchase of Russian gas completely stopped the end of November 2015.

Now Ukraine buys European «blue fuel» at the price of 190 U.S. dollars per cubic meter.

According to the Minister of energy and coal industry Volodymyr demchyshyn, the following can also pass the winter without Russian gas.

«This is a real reform and a real step to ensure that Ukraine diversified its supplies of natural gas,» said Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

French Engine refuses to pay for the gas and filed in the Stockholm arbitration suit against Gazprom 16.02.2016

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