#FreeBalukh: the Crimean human rights activists launched a rally in support of activist

The Crimean human rights group (CPG) launches a campaign in support of political prisoner Vladimir Balogathat 8 February marked the birthday. Activists suggest everyone to write him letters. This is the website CNG.

«We invite everyone to write a letter for Vladimir Baloga and help to transmit it to the addressee», — stated in the message.

In CNG recalled that Baloga pursue in 2014. In his house repeatedly come to the searches. Each time a seized Ukrainian flag mounted on the roof of his house. However, Baluch again return the flag to your home. 29 November 2016 he posted on the wall of his house a sign «Street of the Heavenly hundred Heroes, 18». After that, 8 December 2016, the FSB detained him. Now the activist is in jail Simferopol, his health condition is constantly deteriorating.

«Write Vladimir Baluku letters or words of encouragement, send them to the email address of the Crimean human rights group crimeahrg@gmail.com marked «for Vladimir Baluga». These letters will be printed and transferred to the Vladimir prison in Simferopol,» — said in KPG.

Recall, December 8, 2016, the FSB raided the homes of Baloha and his mother. After the search the activist was detained. 12 Dec «Razdolnensky district court» chose a measure of restraint for the resident in the form of detention. Baloha accused of «illegal possession of weapons, its main parts, ammunition.»

According to experts of the KKE, in the actions of judicial and law enforcement bodies are contained gross violation of not only international but also Russian criminal procedure legislation, which de facto applies in Crimea.

#FreeBalukh: the Crimean human rights activists launched a rally in support of activist 09.02.2017

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