Frankfurter Rundschau. Putin will go far for «Minsk-2»

Until 2014 «Russia, by and large, been busy adapting to the situation after the cold war. But in 2014, she moved from adaptation to protect what it considered its interests. This, for example, belongs to Ukraine.» Such opinion in interview to the German newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau expressed by the Director of the Carnegie Moscow center Dmitri Trenin. «As a result, she began to actively intervene in the global policy, including outside the former Soviet Union, and this applies to Syria, he said. — As for Turkey, events simply demonstrated that foreign policy decisions in Russia are accepted by only one person, and he is just as irrational and emotional as other people.»

Russia, according to political scientist, is actually a monarchy, not only in foreign policy. «I would say that we are living in an absolute monarchy», — said the Russian expert.

Trenin, in contrast to many other Russian political analysts, believes that «Putin started a military campaign for the sake of their ratings»: «On this spot I always ask myself: to what level you can raise the rating? More than 100%. Because the main goal of Putin is to prevent the overthrow of Assad and take power in Damascus Islamic state (is prohibited in the Russian Federation a terrorist organization. — Approx. ed.). His second goal is to destroy as many of the jihadists are from Russia. After all, the more destroyed, the less will return to Russia. And, last but not least, Russia wants to force the United States to recognize it as a great power, and — including and beyond the post-Soviet space». And Russia, sure Trenin, «is on the way to this goal.»

«So, if the talks on Syria in Vienna can succeed if Russia and the United States together will solve serious international conflict, if will be something like second Dayton — it will be the crowning of Russia as a great power, and the USA will be something of instance that will be handing this crown. However, such unity may not happen for the reasons not dependent on Russia or America,» continues the analyst.

With regard to the conflict in Ukraine, it is Russia, continues Trenin, «now primarily wants to block the entry of Ukraine into NATO.» «So, after the «Novorossia» project has failed, leaving only the so-called plan B. But as it can be implemented? I believe that «Minsk-2″, entered into in February 2015, a very acceptable compromise for Putin, — the expert concludes. His logic is this: as soon as the Donbass will be guaranteed special status, the region could return to the Ukraine. Especially it is good for Russia: first, it will no longer be responsible for him financially, which is extremely important in the current oil price, and secondly, Ukraine will receive a gift, which slightly balances the domestic political situation». Of course, Moscow «does not want Kyiv gained full control over Donbass. In the Donbas should remain the current configuration of power, but only formally a part of Ukraine».

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Frankfurter Rundschau. Putin will go far for «Minsk-2» 08.02.2016

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