Francis reminded who started the war in Ukraine

The Vatican should decide what vision of the world it supports: the objective of the international community or its modified version. Thus the World Congress of Ukrainians commented on the words of Pope Francis about the alleged uncertainty of the causes of the war in Ukraine, reports UKRINFORM.

«The Ukrainian world Congress remembers that there are only two versions regarding this war – the world community, which strongly condemned the aggression of the Russian Federation in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, and Russian President Vladimir Putinthat this fact covers the «green men», — stated in the SC.

In the organization expressed the hope that «the Vatican stands with the international community.»

In turn, the President of the UWC Eugene Czolij urged the Holy see to discuss the issues concerning Ukraine, in the presence of representatives of the country.

«The Ukrainian world Congress urges the international community, including the Vatican, to discuss the issue on Ukraine in the presence of Ukrainian bishops and power structures, not their absence,» said Czolij.

Recall, February 12, the Pope met with the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill, then the two Church leaders issued a joint communiqué, which spoke about Ukraine.

Then in an interview with the Catholic news Agency Pope, speaking about the war in Ukraine, stated that «everyone has their own ideas about this war, who started it, what to do, and it is obvious that this landmark case».

Ukrainian Orthodox (Kyiv Patriarchate) and the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church expressed disappointment with the diplomacy of the Vatican.

Francis reminded who started the war in Ukraine 26.02.2016

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