Francis recounted how he called an angry Merkel

Pope Francis spoke about a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was dissatisfied with his remarks about Europe. He said this in an interview Saggese Della Sera.

According to Pope Francis, the call came after his speech in the European Parliament in November 2014, in which he denounced the problem of low birth rates in Europe and compared the continent to a barren woman.

«In a few hours I received a call from Chancellor Merkel. She was kind of mad because I compared Europe with a woman who cannot have children,» he said.

«She asked me, do I really think that Europe can not have children,» said the Pope.

«I said maybe a lot, because it has strong and deep roots. Because it has a unique history. Because she can still play an important role,» he said.

Noteworthy is that Merkel has no children. «I don’t rule it out, but failed. And when I entered politics, I was 35 years old, and I have already asked yourself this question,» she said.

Francis recounted how he called an angry Merkel 09.02.2016

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